HISTORY’s Kyungil: Profile, Fun Facts, Personality


Get to Know HISTORY’s Kyungil

Kyungil is a South Korean singer under FAVE Entertainment. He made his debut with a boy group called HISTORY with five other members. Kyungil was the leader of the group. He was born in 1987 and he was the oldest member of the group. He was also the rapper and sub-vocalist of HISTORY. He trained to be an idol for three years. He was a model before his debut. Wanna know more about Kyungil? We are gonna provide you with all the details of HISTORY’s Kyungil in this Channel-Korea article. Stay tuned for more info.

Full Profile of HISTORY’s Kyungil

  • Stage Name: Kyungil (경일)
  • Position: Leader, Rapper, Sub-Vocalist
  • Real Name: Song Kyung Il (송경일)
  • Date of Birth: November 28th, 1987
  • Star Sign: Sagittarius
  • Blood Type: A
  • Height: 183 cm
  • Weight: 72 kg
  • Education: Jamsin Middle School, Seoul
  • Debut Date: April 26th, 2013, with the single “Dreamer”
  • Associated Acts: HISTORY, IU, Fiestar
  • Labels: FAVE Entertainment (Korea), KISS Entertainment (Japan)
  • Official Twitter: _songkyungil (last active in 2018)
  • Official Instagram: _ilstagram

Facts about HISTORY’s Kyungil

  • He trained for three years and was a model before his debut.
  • He majored in modern dance.
  • He used to be a baseball player. He was active until the third grade of middle school but ended up with an injury.
  • Kyungil was the eldest member of the group. He was often immature and acted childish because of the six-year gap between him and the youngest member. Other members like him that way.
  • On December 8th, 2016, he was admitted to the medical police and enlisted in the army, and he was discharged from the military in early September 2018.
  • He was part of Nuthang (pronounced ‘new-thang’), a group of close friends that includes Big Bang’s G-Dragon & TOP, along with other famous people such as Lee Hyuksoo (model), Yang Seungho (model), and many more.
  • He was in IU’s MV “Beautiful Dancer” and Fiestar’s “Vista” music video. He also became IU’s dance partner for IU’s stage in SBS’ Inkigayo with the song “Cruel Fairy Tale” in 2011. IU said his abs are like a lobster.
  • Kyungil’s favorite sports are swimming, baseball, basketball, bowling, and soccer.
  • He got the nickname Song Leader from the fans because he took good care of the other members. He said that the reason why he became History’s leader is because of his charisma and strength (power).

About HISTORY’s Kyungil’s Personality


Kyungil is one of the visuals of the group. His appearance gained a lot of public attention and captured the fans’ hearts. He is known for his graceful dance and his muscular body. He said in an interview that he is a soft guy and charismatic leader. Check out Kyungil’s fan-cam and some videos that might capture your heart too in the list below.


He is extremely good-looking in the “Might Just Die‬” multi-view video fan-cam. His facial expression throughout the song is so great and suits the song very well. He looks so sexy and the way he expressed the songs through his soul and body is really nice to watch.

Let’s take a look at the fans’ comments on Kyungil’s multi-view fan-cam:

  • Can we just talk about how there’s one part of the song where there’s not even any choreography required and it’s just him standing there and eyefucking the audience. O mai gat, Song Kyungil you’re sexy like no other man I’ve seen before XDDDD
  • he knows he’s hot and it frustrates me >.<
  • ohh god he needs to stop biting his lips its killing me😣
  • It feels nice to constantly stare at him for 3 minutes and 14 seconds.

Another fan-cam above was uploaded by a fan-site master of Kyungil. It seems that it’s Kyungil’s first public performance during his military service looking at the outfits that he wore. Kyungil enlisted in early September 2018. He has been charged as a part of South Korea’s compulsory military service.

HISTORY’s Kyungil’s Visual

Kyungil has a good face shape and a nice body built. His charming point is a little dot on the right side of his nose. Check out some of Kyungil’s videos that will make you fall in love with him~


Fan-made videos:

HISTORY’s Kyungil’s Activities on Instagram After the Group’s Disbandment


Kyungil has been more active lately on Instagram. He posted some photos on Instagram. Check out Kyungil’s latest Instagram posts, here:

He posted the picture above three times but with a different color on each post. Kyungil’s Instagram is full of his random photos at the moment such as a short video, and his working. Kyungil has about 60k followers and 32 posts on his Instagram account.

Kyungil also has a black cat.

View this post on Instagram

Dance with me

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Kyungil has been active on Instagram live these days. Some fans uploaded the live stream to a YouTube channel. The live stream is mostly showing him working on songs or just chit-chatting with fans. If you missed out, here’s the compilation Instagram live videos of Kyungil:

Seems like he has been working on a new album and songs in the future after his group disbanded in 2017.



We pray for the best for Kyungil’s future! Don’t forget to kindly share your thoughts in the comment section below.