HISTORY’s Dokyun: Profile, Fun Facts, Personality And Many More


Let’s Get Personal With HISTORY’s Dokyun

HISTORY (히스토리) is a boy group under Loen Entertainment which debuted on April 26th, 2013, with the song “Dreamer” from the first single album Dreamer and had their stage debut on MBC’s Music Core. The group consisted of Na Do-kyun, Song Kyung-il, Kim Si-hyoung, Kim Jae-ho, and Jang Yi-jeong. On May 12th, 2017, the group, unfortunately, had to disband with each member pursuing their range of interests.

Although the group has disbanded, that doesn’t mean that they’re gone just like that. This time, we will deep dive into the full profile of HISTORY’s Dokyun, who filled the role of the main vocal of the group. He is a sweet person with a soothing voice and overwhelming talents. Are you ready to fall in love with him? If so, let’s scroll down this article below to find out all the details about him!

Full Profile of HISTORY’s Dokyun


Stage Name: Dokyun
Birth Name: Na Do-kyun
Position: Main Vocalist
Date of Birth: February 11th, 1991
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Height: 184 cm (6’0″)
Weight: 65 kg (143 lbs)
Blood Type: O
Instagram: @skehrbs
Twitter: @_nadokyun


Fun Facts about HISTORY’s Dokyun

  • He’s the only child of his family members
  • He loves living in the dorm with the other members because they’re like his real brothers
  • According to Yijeong, Dokyun is a sensitive person
  • Since he’s in the same room with Sihyoung, he’s constantly complaining to him
  • Daejeon, South Korea, is his hometown
  • His big eyes are his charming point
  • His chubby cheeks are his complex point
  • Actor Lee Seung-gi is his role model
  • A1People is his former agency
  • He was formerly part of the Korean rock band Buzz where he went by the stage name of Nayul and filled the role of the main vocalist
  • He is the ‘mom’ of the group
  • He is also the alarm clock of the group
  • He played a role in the K-drama titled Medical Top Team
  • He’s shy and awkward around new people but tends to be talkative once he knows them
  • He likes to play online games when he is stressed out
  • Playing piano and basketball are his hobbies
  • He is the one who’s really good at play bowling among other members
  • Meat is his favorite food
  • He is in charge of cooking and sometimes does the cleaning or laundry in the dorm
  • He was a seven-year trainee, started when he was in junior high school
  • Big eyes, sweet voice, and his long fingers are his charming points
  • Metookyu-kyun is his nickname (Na-Do in eng = Me-Too)
  • He got into an accident when he appeared in the Might Just Die MV when they did the Bungee jump choreography but he continued the shooting
  • Out of all the other members, he has the highest alcohol tolerance (even the company staff including the executives)
  • He likes to get attention from other members
  • While waiting for other members to finish their makeup, he also likes to stand outside the dressing room to watch other groups passing by
  • He has the most charm among the girl group members according to Jaeho
  • He doesn’t like to be shirtless
  • He can’t stand to be tickled
  • He was often teased that he looks like a Chinese steamed bun according to Jaeho
  • He bought a pair of glasses that he used in the Beyond the History jacket photo just because the fans said he looked good wearing them
  • He is an exceptional driver
  • Black and yellow are his favorite colors
  • Soccer, bowling, and basketball are his favorite sports
  • His favorite dating place is someplace with lots of trees such as Damyang, South Korea
  • He said that Storia (HISTORY’s fans) are his most precious
  • On the 20th of November 2017, he enlisted in the military
  • His ideal type is an innocent and cute girl


About HISTORY’s Dokyun’s Personality That You Should Know

Dokyun is known to be a passionate singer and moreover, a passionate musician. Anyone who knows him and sees his performance can see the passion in his eyes.

In a video, he tells the fans that it’s like he is opening himself whenever he is doing music.

He also admitted that he is awkward and even so when he is smiling. But, that doesn’t make him give up to work on his smile. He wanted to give the best for his fans.

The other HISTORY members also said that he’s very sloppy and too nice to be angry. Although he is indeed sloppy, there are also other sides of him that are attractive.

“I’m enjoying my other sides too. Please love us,” he said.

Oh well, we love you Dokyun! Although you’re clumsy, you are really cool and hot ;p


Focus Fan-cam

If you watched Dokyun’s fan-cam video, you will know that he has a very soothing voice and a little bit deep. Not only voice-wise, but he also has a spot on expression every time he sings! It’s like he’s shooting an arrow straight to the fans’ hearts! We don’t blame the fans if they’re obsessed with Dokyun because this one is really a passionate singer.

Although he displays a very deep emotion whenever he sings, he appears different in real life. In real life, especially during the fan meeting with the fans, he looks less serious and really getting loose and open.

Check out her focus fan-cam to see for yourself!


HISTORY’s Dokyun’s Visual

Dokyun has one of the best visuals out of the group’s members. With his sharp jawline and even sharper eyes, he can appear cold at one glance.


But when he’s smiling, his aura changes for 360 degrees from the tsundere cold guy to the cutie pie.


Well, although he’s very clumsy, at least he’s really really hot, right? *wink*


HISTORY’s Dokyun Singing “Fly High”

On April 28th, 2016, Dokyun appeared as a guest on Park Ji-yoon’s FM Date. In the show, he showcased his singing skills by singing the song “Fly High” by HISTORYAs expected, he sang with a very beautiful voice and made the fans go crazy.

Check out his singing skills in the video below!

Here are some of the fans’ comments that praised his voice in the video’s comment section:

“Wow, it has a fantastic voice.”

“I cryyy TT^TT He’s such a vision TT^TT And his voice, I’m gonna cryyyy already TT^TT♡♡ I’ve been with HISTORY for almost three years and I’m still surprised at how talented and amazing the members are TTT^TTT”

“You are amazing like usually…fighting!!!!”




Opened a Café

Recently, Dokyun shared a piece of good news about his project!

On May 8th, 2020, through a photo on his personal Instagram, he shared the news about his newly opened café which he named Gustav. The café is located at the Sindong Café Street.

He wrote in the caption: “Gustav will finally open today ✨ was quite ready to wait as long as 🙂 is given is in progress for three days, will officially open to the open weekend ^^
was ready to open when Gustav pencils wanted me lots and lots ✨”

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드디어 구스타브 오늘 부터 가오픈 합니다✨ 오래 기다려 주신 만큼 확실히 준비 했습니다 🙂 가오픈 주말까지 3일동안 진행되고 정식 오픈 하겠습니다^^ 가오픈때 드리려고 구스타브 연필을 준비했어요 많이 많이 와주세요✨ . . #신동카페거리 #구스타브

A post shared by 나도균 / 구스타브 (Güstav) (@skehrbs) on

In another post, he shared that the planning and design of the café have been on for quite some time. He wrote, “To make the outer part of Gustav has taken meetings for at least eight times. Struggling towards the interior from the initial planning meetings, design modification, dessert flow, to another plating that does not hurt the feelings of anyone, and the name Gustav was selected. Please come to look at Gustav see it by yourself, I would appreciate a picture.”

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지금의 구스타브를 만들기까지 외부 파사드 부분 미팅만 8차례정도 진행했었던것 같습니다. 초기 계획부터 인테리어 미팅 ,도안 수정 ,구스타브의 디저트류들,또 플레이팅까지 어느하나 구스타브의 느낌을 헤치지 않는 쪽으로 고심하고 선택하였습니다. 많이들 오셔서 구스타브의 이쁜 모습을 직접 눈으로 봐주시고, 사진으로 담아가 주시면 감사하겠습니다✨ . . #신동카페거리 #구스타브

A post shared by 나도균 / 구스타브 (Güstav) (@skehrbs) on

He also actively shares the food and menu on his Instagram.


“Gustav, who poured all of me into it, still lacks a lot, but thank you for your undeserved love✨,” he wrote sincerely.

Well, we still hope to see you come back to the music scene in the future. But, whatever you do, we’ll support you Dokyun!

So, those are all the things that you need to know regarding HISTORY’s main vocalist Dokyun! What do you think about this article? Is it enough to satisfy your longing for him? Kindly share your thoughts with us in the comment section below!