Everthing You Need To Know About K-Pop Group Hinapia: Full Profile, Discography, Debut, and Latest News

Hinapia’s Interviews


During interviews, Hinapia’s members often introduce their group and the story behind their formation. Previously, the four members of Hinapia were in the group Pristin except for Bada. The group Hinapia also uses a cool girl crush concept as their image.

According to the CEO of OSR Entertainment, Hinapia was filled with members who have strong passions and many talents. Through an interview, their choreographer also revealed that Hinapia has their own strength from a lot of practice. They have been trying very hard, improving their shortcomings, and focusing on giving great performances.


Hinapia’s members also show their support towards each other. Even during the making of the “Drip” music video, all of them were very cooperative and always helping each other with the steps.

Even though the other four members used to be in a different group together, the presence of Bada was welcomed nicely by them. Since she was the youngest member, the other unnies took care of her wholeheartedly which made Bada feel grateful and allowed her to easily get along with the other members.

Through Q&A Machine, Hinapia’s members answered several questions from the fans! Hinapia also shared their thoughts about the “Drip” promotion era. Since the COVID-19 virus spread, Hinapia has not been able to meet their fans as often as they want, but Hinapia is very grateful to receive a lot of support from their fans!

They also wish to meet them in the future and show their best to the fans! In addition, Hinapia told the fans that if they get to know them in person outside the spotlight, they are kind of bright and fun girls as well. Hinapia also talked about their “not-so-diet” habit, their practice routine, and another interesting story about them!


Hinapia’s YouTube Channel


Hinapia actively posts content on YouTube that makes the fans get really excited! Here is the latest content from Hinapia’s official YouTube channel:

First of all, there’s Hinapia’s Bada and her beautiful performance of a song cover! She presents such a beautiful voice in her song cover of “Stay” by Alessia Cara and ZEDD! She has a kind of high-pitched voice that also sounds powerful and stable at the same time.

The fans were amazed by her voice as well as her beautiful English pronunciation. Even though English isn’t her first language, she sang the English song very well. What do you guys think about her song cover?

Hinapia’s Eunwoo also performed a cover! She sang “Crazy” by Lim Jeong-hee. It is a ballad song that suits Eunwoo’s soft voice! Her performance was full of passion as she sang beautifully along with the melody, and the fans praised her for her amazing high notes in the middle of the song. It seems like her emotion blends in with her voice, right?

There’s also an H-log from Hinapia’s Minkyung! Through the video, we can see a day in the life of Minkyung while she goes to her shooting schedule. Minkyung looks like a professional model as shows several poses during the photoshoot.

During her break, Minkyung greets her audience from the video and talks about her photoshoot. She also shows off her chic style and proves to people that her visual matches all styles whether preppy, feminine, casual, or something else!

Hinapia’s Latest News


It’s only been a few months since Hinapia’s official debut in 2019. Unfortunately, the agency and each of Hinapia’s members decided to end their journey together. On August 21, 2020, it was officially announced that the group disbanded due to the agency’s internal problems and predicament after the COVID-19 outbreak.

People might be wondering, is disbanding the only way to overcome it? Due to the pandemic situation, it was quite hard for certain groups to make money since a lot of projects and shows were restricted or postponed. It also affected their income, and many companies were struggling financially.


The disbandment seemed to be predicted by Hinapia’s fans. It started with the inactive Hinapia fan cafe, Instagram, and other referred links. The agency also didn’t share birthday wishes for Minkyung and other members ever since Bada’s birthday in May 2020.

Then, Hinapia’s members terminated their contract with OSR Entertainment. Minkyung, Gyeongwon, Eunwoo, Bada, and Yaebin posted a letter for Hinapia fans to express their gratitude and apologize to them. However, Gyeongwon’s post has been deleted.

Hinapia's Yaebin


Even though Hinapia disbanded, let’s hope for a brighter future for each of the former members. Show them some love and support and wait for another project in the future from Hinapia’s members! You can also check out other articles about your favorite K-pop artists here in Channel-Korea. Cheers!