Everthing You Need To Know About K-Pop Group Hinapia: Full Profile, Discography, Debut, and Latest News


Get To Know Hinapia

Hinapia was a girl group in South Korea with a nice concept and great music. Through this article, Channel Korea will explain to you Hinapia’s profile and latest news, so stay reading until the end!

Hinapia’s Group Profile


Hinapia was introduced as a South Korean girl group formed under OSR Entertainment. The group consisted of five members including Minkyung, Gyeongwon, Yaebin, Eunwoo, and Bada. All of them except Bada were from a former girl group named Pristin. Meanwhile, the leader of Hinapia was Minkyung.

They officially made their debut on November 3, 2019, by releasing the single album New Start with ”Drip” as the lead single. They held their showcase titled Pursuit of a New Utopia for the single album before their official debut. Hinapia made their stage debut on October 30 by performing “Drip” on Show Champion which marked their first appearance on TV.

The agency released the group concept photo portraying each of Hinapia’s members portraying a chic, cool, and elegant image. The concept photo also consisted of individual teasers and a group teaser!

Hinapia Minkyung
Hinapia Yaebin
Hinapia Bada
Hinapia Gyeongwon
Hinapia Eunwoo

The name Hinapia means “Hi New Amazing Utopia.” It also refers to youth generation issues they faced. The group was about sharing worries and overcoming them until their own utopia could be found together.

Hinapia’s Discography

Title Year Album
“Drip” 2019 New Start

Hinapia’s Music Video and Song Meaning


The single ”Drip” is a pop dance track with a mixture of electronic music, ethnic melody, and R&B style. The single is about self-discovery in order to approach and overcome problems within ourselves. In the MV, Hinapia showed a cool and sexy image. However, it doesn’t focus only on the sexy image, but it emphasizes more the cool vibes and strong girl-crush image.

Even though the video didn’t show a specific story, the main focus was on their concept and image. All of Hinapia’s members were wearing eye-catching outfits to make their style look confident and feminine. There were several props used in the “Drip” MV such as a cage, colorful curtains, skull head, Victorian-style bed, and more.

For the song meaning, “Drip” delivers a message of self-discovery. They try to find the real version of someone while also trying to not get tricked by them. “Drip” expanded their popularity on the iTunes K-Pop music charts in the U.S, and placed 18th on the World Digital Song Sales Chart!

People thought that Hinapia successfully brought a stunning concept for their debut. Even though some of the members were compared to their previous careers in their former girl group, they were also praised for their performance in “Drip!”


Hinapia’s Stage Performances


Let’s find out more about Hinapia’s stage performances!

Music Show

Hinapia’s performance on Show Champion was the group’s first appearance on a TV show even before their official debut! Their performance was highly anticipated by the fans! Hinapia’s members appeared with all-black outfits that suited “Drip”’s cool and sexy image. Their vocals and dancing performance harmonized beautifully, and it was also supported by their powerful charisma.

Radio Show

There was also a live acapella version of “Drip” that you guys can hear through Hinapia’s performance on Arirang Radio! The members gathered and sat across from the microphones. Right after the instruments started, Hinapia started their amazing vocal performance of “Drip!”

It was quite different from their other live performances because Hinapia performed without any dance moves. Still, their performance looked as amazing as ever, not to mention the beautiful harmonization of Minkyung, Gyeongwoon, Bada, Yeobin, and Eunwoo’s voices!

Hinapia also held an amazing performance on Idol Radio! Opposite their acapella version on Arirang Radio, this time Hinapia performed their dance of “Drip.” The members dressed well in casual outfits that made them look even more youthful! But, the most important part, their dance performance was filled with passionate and powerful charisma!