Everything About High4: Profile, Facts, Discography, and Official Disbandment


Get to Know HIGH4 Members!

Introducing HIGH4, a boy band from N.A.P Entertainment, that debuted on April 8th, 2014. The group consists of four members: Sung-gu, Alex, Myung-han, and Young-jun, and they immediately became famous right after their debut with the song “Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossom,” a song that features solo artist IU. Because of their achievement, HIGH4 topped the Korean music charts and were nominated for Digital Bonsang at the Golden Disk Awards. However, after successfully ranking on the chart, HIGH4 disbanded in 2017 and all the members turned their focus on establishing their solo career. Wanna know more about HIGH4? Let’s find out in this article!


Profile and Facts

Alex’s Profile and Facts


Name: Alexsander Kim (알렉산더 김)

Stage Name: Alex (알렉스)

Date of Birth: September 7th, 1990

Place of Birth: New York, USA

Height: 176 cm/5’9″

Weight: 56 kg/123 lbs

Blood Type: A Type

Position: Dancer, Rapper

Subunit: High4 20

Instagram: @_imlxx

Twitter: @_imlxx

Soundcloud: LXX

Facts About Alex:

  • Alex is originally from America but obtained Korean citizenship.
  • He enlisted in the military in March 2018.
  • Alex can speak three languages: English, Korean, and Japanese.
  • His favorite food is sushi and pasta.
  • His hobby is painting and playing sports.
  • Before becoming a singer, Alex studied art for 10 years.
  • Alex is friends with Jae from DAY6, and Cory from 24k.
  • Alex’s ideal type is a girl who has a nice personality.

Myung-han’s Profile and Facts


Name: Baek Myung-han (백명한)

Stage Name: Myung-han (명한)

Date of Birth: February 15th, 1993

Place of Birth: Daegu

Height: 173 cm/5’8″

Weight: 52 kg/114 lbs

Blood Type: B Type

Position: Vocalist

Instagram: @raviss.h.ant

Facts About Myung-han:

  • Myung-han joined the audition program K-Pop Star and he was thus accepted in the company.
  • When Myung-han was in high school, he joined a singing club and fell in love with singing.
  • He was a very playful student in high school.
  • He has the smallest figure in the group.
  • His ideal type is a girl who has a clean and innocent image.
  • He starred in C-REAL’s music video, “Sorry But I.”

Young-jun’s Profile and Facts


Name: Im Young-jun (임영준)

Stage Name: Young-jun (영준)

Date of Birth: August 24th, 1995

Place of Birth: Suwon, Gyeonggi-do

Height: 56 kg/5’10”

Weight: 56 kg/123 lbs

Blood Type: O Type

Position: Rapper, Visual, Maknae

Subunit: High4 20

Instagram: @0_jun2yo

Facts About Young-jun:

  • Young-jun originally joined the company as an actor but later joined HIGH4.
  • All the members agree that Young-jun is the best looking and most handsome in the group.
  • He is the tallest in the group.
  • If Young-jun was born again, he would like to live a carefree life.
  • Young-jun participated in the survival program MIXNINE as a trainee from Eleven9 Entertainment and was eliminated in Episode 10.

  • Young-jun’s ideal type is a girl who only looks and loves him.
  • With Myung-han, Young-jun also starred in C-REAL’s music video for the song “Sorry But I.”

Former Members

Sung-gu’s Profile and Facts


Name: Sung-gu (성구), Reno

Birth Name: Kim Sung-gu (김성구)

Date of Birth: January 22nd, 1992

Place of Birth: Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do

Height: 178 cm/5’10”

Weight: 56 kg/123 lbs

Blood Type: O Type

Position: Leader, Vocalist

Instagram: @reno_s9

Facts About Sung-gu:

  • Sung-gu’s hometown is on Daebu Island.
  • Out of all the members, he has been a trainee the longest, namely eight years.
  • He is best friends with IU, Thunder, and Fiestar’s Hye-mi ever since their trainee days together.
  • During his pre-debut, he participated in the musical Summer Snow.
  • He left the group in February 2017 and established a career as a solo artist under the name Reno.


High4’s Discography


Title  Release Date 
Hi High  August 27th, 2014
Blessed  February 28th, 2017
High Five – Japanese EP  February 8th, 2015
Hi Summer – Japanese EP  July 11th, 2015



  • Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms (봄 사랑 벚꽃 말고) feat. IU
  • A Little Closer (해요 말고 해) feat. Lim Kim
  • Headache (뱅뱅뱅)
  • Day By Day (비슷해)
  • Baby Boy
  • D.O.A (Dead or Alive)
  • HookGA (HIGH4 20) feat. Hwa-sa of Mamamoo
  • Love Line


HIGH4’s Awards and Nominations


Melon Music Awards

  • Hot Trend Award Nomination
  • Song of the Year Nomination

Golden Disk Awards

  • Digital Bonsang Nomination
  • Newcomer Award Nomination

SBS Inkigayo

May 11th, 2014 – First win for “Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms”


HIGH4’s Collaboration with IU


High4 debuted with the song “Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms” which is a collaboration with popular solo artist IU. The song itself was actually written by IU for the band. Originally, IU and the leader, Sung-gu, have been very good friends for a long time, ever since they were trainees. Not only did she write it, but IU also sings her part in the song. Using spring as the main theme, the song has sweet and ballad-like sounds in it which reminds the listener of spring’s charm. Myung-han and IU’s vocal add more sweetness to the song. Alex’s rap also sounds soft even though his voice is deep. Right after the song was released, it charted number one on the Melon streaming site. The song also won first place on SBS Inkigayo on May 11th, 2014. Like the song “Cherry Blossom Ending” from the group Busker Busker, that hits the charts every year, so “Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms” also hits the charts every spring, even though it was released a long time ago. Are you curious about the song? Here’s the streaming link to their song.


High4’s Official Disbandment


In 2017, leader Sung-gu requested from the company for him to leave the band. N.A.P Entertainment received it well and Sung-gu also agreed to complete his schedule before leaving. Then, Sung-gu officially left the group and debuted as a solo singer under the stage name Reno. However, there’s no official announcement from the company about HIGH4’s future. Then, Alex, through his live on Instagram, announced that HIGH4 members are going their separate ways which obviously means that HIGH4 is disbanding. Nevertheless, even though the group has already disbanded, the members still look close to each other. In 2018, Sung-gu posted a photo of the band while meeting Alex, who was on a break from the military service.


Latest News

After the group disbanded, each of the members pursued a solo career. In March 2018, Alex enlisted in the army. Originally, Alex had American citizenship. But, because he loves living in Korea he changed his citizenship to Korean. Sung-gu also enlisted in the army and is part of the army band.

For Young-jun and Myung-han, both of them have made appearances in the survival program MIXNINE as trainees from Eleven9 Entertainment. Sadly, Myung-han failed the audition and couldn’t go on the show. For Young-jun, he luckily passed the audition but was eliminated in episode 10.


Now, Myung-han is actively posting his cover songs on his Youtube channel under the name Ravissant. Here’s a recent video that he has uploaded.

Let’s hope and wait for the band’s comeback in t`he future!