Everything You Need To Know About HIGH4’s Sub-Unit, HIGH4 20: Full Profiles, Stage Performance, Interviews, Etc.

Stage Performances

high4 20

Music Programs

Music Bank with Choi Yoo-jung

HIGH4 20’s performance of “Hookga” on Music Bank was accompanied by Choi Yoo-jung who fulfilled the rap lines sang by MAMAMOO’s Hwasa. Alex looked conspicuous with his shimmery red pants. Meanwhile, Youngjun looked badass with black shimmery pants.

When Choi Yoo-jung appeared, she definitely rocked her performance by rapping beautifully! Despite her cute appearance, she slew the stage! The ending was marked with Alex, Youngjun, and Choi Yoo-jung dancing alongside a bunch of dancers!

There was another performance of “Hookga” by HIGH4 20 on Music Bank! It was accompanied by WJSN’s Exy who took the part of the female rapper replacing Hwasa. This time, their outfits suited each other really well with Alex and Youngjun wearing dark leather jackets and ripped jeans. Meanwhile, Exy wore a black and yellow outfit as well. Just like the other performance, HIGH4 20 and Exy kept the attention of the audience!


Radio Programs

Live on Arirang Radio

HIGH4 20’s performance on Arirang Radio was really awesome! Alex and Youngjun sat opposite each other in the studio while getting ready for the performance. From the first line, they were singing powerfully while following the beat. Right when the chorus started, they jump up from their seats and dancing along with the music. Moreover, it happened during every chorus!

Live on KBS Cool FM

During their performance on KBS Cool FM, Alex and Youngjun presented their lit rapping performance live! Both of them were seen standing during the performance with chill and relaxed gestures. while still looking as amazing as ever! Even though they weren’t dancing this time, their bodies still moved along with the upbeat rhythm! Another interesting moment from their performance was their cute appearance while singing the hip hop song!

HIGH4 20’s Latest News


It’s been a long time since people have heard any updates about HIGH4 20. Although the sub-unit was disbanded right after the disbandment of HIGH4 in 2017, Alex and Youngjun are still continuing their careers as K-pop idols. Let’s look at their latest news from their Instagram updates!

Alex’s Instagram Updates:

Alex was sitting in such an aesthetic shoe store called KREAM! Even though the room was filled with a bunch of shoes, the design was similar to a beautiful cake shop!

Have you ever noticed that Alex’s tattoos on his left arm were beautifully painted?

When he posted this picture, it seems like Alex couldn’t sleep at the time. Even his sleepy face looks breathtaking!

Youngjun’s Instagram Updates:

Youngjun celebrated his 25th birthday on August 24, 2020! With the simple caption of “HBD 2 ME,” it seems like Youngjun was happily celebrating his birthday, right?

Even when Youngjun’s face is covered with a mask, his charisma still remains the same. When he takes it off, his good-looking face looks as gleamy as ever!

Here is another good-looking shoot from Youngjun! His style with a red sweatshirt and sunglasses kind of reminds us of summer holiday vibes, right?

That’s a wrap for the information and profile related to HIGH4 20! Even though the sub-unit group’s journey is over, their talent as well as the masterpiece of those singles still remain the same. Let’s hope for good things for both Alex and Youngjun in their careers!