Do You Know Hi Suhyun? Find Out More About Their Full Profiles, Stage Performance Until Latest News, Here!

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Get To Know Lee Hi and Suhyun’s Duo, Hi Suhyun!

Hi Suhyun was a sub-unit made by YG Entertainment that consisted of two famous female singers, Lee Hi and Suhyun, before their current popularity. Through this article, Channel Korea will teach you more about them by going over their profiles. Stay reading!

Full Profile

hi suhyun

Lee Hi

Birth Name: Lee Ha-yi (이하이)

Stage Name: Lee Hi

Birth: Bucheon, South Korea, September 23, 1996

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Age: 23 years old

Blood Type: B

Height: 156 cm

Position: Main Vocalist

Years Active: 2012 – Present

Label: YG Entertainment, AOMG

Associated With: Hi Suhyun, Epik High, BOM & HI, YG Family

Instagram: @leehi_hi


Birth Name: Lee Su-hyun (이수현)

Stage Name: Suhyun

Birth: Uijeongbu, South Korea, May 4, 1999

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Age: 21 years old

Weight: 52 kg

Height: 158cm

Position: Main Vocalist, Maknae

Years Active: 2014 – Present

Label: YG Entertainment

Associated With: Hi Suhyun, AKMU, YG Family

Instagram: @akmu_suhyun

YouTube: Leesuhyun

Hi Suhyun’s Concept and Music Video

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Hi Suhyun debuted on November 11, 2014, with the single “I’m Different” along with the music video. The single became one of the most awaited projects since Hi Suhyun collaborated with iKON’s Bobby. It received a trophy from SBS’s Inkigayo due to its popularity on the music charts.

Hi Suhyun’s concept emphasized their youthful and adorable style. In the MV, the teenage school theme highlights the youthful side. Some of the scenes take place at the school, neighborhood, school library, and carousels.

Lee Hi and Suhyun act as two students who have a crush on the same boy in their neighborhood, played by iKON’s Bobby. Both of them try to make him paying attention to them, even if only in their dreams. They have a friendly competition to win over the boy. Unfortunately, they find out that the boy already has a girlfriend which is played by BLACKPINK’s Jisoo before her debut.

In “I’m Different,” the music is a mixture of K-pop, folk, and a little indie and jazz. Lee Hi and Suhyun’s voices mix perfectly, and there is a catchy rap from iKON’s Bobby!

The fans thought that the combination of Lee Hi, Suhyun, and Bobby was a perfect match! Moreover, since they were still teenagers, they also suited the concept nicely. They were also praised by the company for making such a cheerful and nice storyline for the “I’m Different” MV!


Hi Suhyun’s Song Meaning

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“I’m Different” emphasizes that the girls are different from other girls. They won’t just sit still and wait to be noticed, and they would make a breakthrough because they are special and extraordinary.

Some of the meaningful lyrics from the translation are, “A girl like me isn’t so common, I’m different, I’m special. Don’t compare me with other girls.” It clearly indicates that the girls are different from other girls which makes them confident that they will catch the boy’s attention and heart.

iKON’s Bobby’s rap states that all of the girls are the same but he is a special person. Regardless, it doesn’t remove the main interpretation of “I’m Different.” The rap part of Bobby translates to, “All the girls are the same. I’m a poacher and you’re all foxes. Bet you never seen an arrow like me, with just one wink, I live in your heart, right?”