K-Drama Review: A Melodrama About Mother’s Love That Will Break Your Heart In ‘Hi Bye Mama!’

5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Hi Bye Mama

  1. Kim Tae-hee’s first role as a mother

Kim Tae-hee made her last appearance in the drama Yongpal in 2015. At the time she performed the role of a hospital doctor. After getting married, she has never appeared in any drama or movie. She had her first and second daughter in 2017 and 2019, respectively. Perhaps, she took the decision to participate in Hi Bye Mama because of her current status as a mother of two daughters.

  1. Family and love above everything

This drama clearly wants to shows the importance of family and love above everything else. Hi Bye Mama delivers a subtle message about cherishing moments with family whenever possible.

  1. Melancholic theme

If you are a fan of tearjerking or melancholic drama, then this is a mandatory drama for you. Nowadays, melancholic, family-themed K-dramas are very rare. Usually, K-dramas are dominated by their love story, romantic comedy, and betrayal between lovers.

  1. Easy listening Hi Bye Mama Original Soundtrack

The Hi Bye Mama OST consists of some of the loveliest tunes about love and family. It’s 20 singles delivering an excellent message about love and sacrifice.

  1. Seo Woo-jin’s act as Kim Tae-hee’s daughter

Kim Tae-hee’s character, Cha-yu-ri, gave birth to a daughter, played by a boy, Seo Woo-jin. Her daughter could see her in her afterlife form but barely speak any word to her. Seo Woo-jin must use his facial expressions to show his feelings and emotions whenever he interacts with the mother.

That was all the information about the Korean melodrama Hi Bye Mama. This melancholic drama will surely drain your tears due to Kim Tae-hee’s incredible acting. Don’t forget to kindly share your opinion about this drama in the comment section below!