K-Drama Review: A Melodrama About Mother’s Love That Will Break Your Heart In ‘Hi Bye Mama!’


Kim Tae-hee’s First Drama Role As A Mother

Kim Tae-hee made her first small-screen appearance after 4 years of hiatus. After getting married and giving birth to her two beautiful daughters, Kim Tae-hae made a long-awaited drama appearance in Hi Bye Mama. She had appeared in numerous K-dramas and movies, performing roles in different genres from romantic comedy, action, traditional Korean drama many other genres.

Hi Bye Mama is a melancholic family-themed K-drama revolving around Kim Tae-hee’s character as a ghost mother that returns from the afterlife to see her daughter. She has only 49 days to see her family and be the mother of her daughter before being able to reincarnate as a new person. Hi Bye Mama was broadcast on cable TV and received high viewer ratings.

In this article, Channel Korea will talk about Hi Bye Mama and Kim Tae-hee’s first role as a mother. So stay tuned!

Hi Bye Mama: Review

Hi Bye Mama was Kim Tae-hae’s first drama role as a mother. Fresh from delivering her second daughter, Kim Tae-hee agreed on performing the role of a ghost mother that must return to fulfill her role as a mother before getting a chance to reincarnate.

Hi Bye Mama was broadcast on tvN and Netflix from February 22nd to April 19th, 2020. Other than Kim Tae-hee, Hi Bye Mama features some newcomers in K-dramas, Lee Kyu-hyung and Go Bo-gyeol. The viewer ratings for Hi Bye Mama was high for cable TV drama, topping at 6.5% in episode 4.

Hi Bye Mama is about the afterlife of a ghost mother. During the last days of her pregnancy, she suffered a tragic accident and sacrificed herself to save her baby. She despised the deity and confronted them for taking her life in a tragic accident.


She spent 5 years wandering as a ghost and stayed close to her family. One day, she was given a chance to return as a human and fulfilled her role as a mother so that she can reincarnate as a new person. However, she was given only 49 days to fulfill the role before getting a chance to reincarnate.

To make matter worse, her husband got remarried to a beautiful co-worker. His second wife is a devoted wife and takes care of her husband and daughter well. In the end, she must choose to remain with her family or reincarnate as a new person. The drama is a must-watch for every K-drama fan that wants a melancholic and tear-jerking family drama.

Hi Bye Mama: The Cast


Kim Tae-hee as Cha Yu-ri

Cha Yu-ri is a loving housewife that loses her life after suffering a tragic accident. Her character is simple and she is a funny and caring ghost-mother to her daughter. She has a strong mind and isn’t afraid to challenge the deity for taking her life at the most important time. She put her family above everything else and must suffer greatly because of her sudden passing away. Cha Yu-ri’s afterlife purpose is to make her daughter happy and cheerful. She realizes that although her daughter can see her, her daughter can also see another ghost a condition that threatens her daughter’s life. She makes a lot of sacrifices for her daughter and her family.


Lee Kyu-hyung as Cho Gang-hwa

Cho Gang-hwa is a loving husband and a loving father. He loved Cha Yu-ri very much and suffered greatly due to her death. He mourned daily for years even though he got married to a new wife, Oh Min-jeong. His only reason to survive is that he has a lovely daughter. Although he loves his daughter very much he always neglects her and is busy with mourning the loss of his former wife. After marrying his second wife, slowly he gains enough confidence and starts his new life as a loving father and husband.


Go Bo-gyeol as Oh Min-jung

Go Bo-gyeol performed as Cho Gang-hwa’s second wife and Jo Seo-woo’s stepmother. She is a caring mother for her stepdaughter and far cry from the bad stepmother image. She treats her stepdaughter like her own daughter. Aside from being a good stepmother, Oh Min-jung is a loving wife to Cho Gang-hwa. She has the maturity to care and comfort the mourning Cho Gang-hwa and transform him from continuous mourning to a loving father and husband. Her incredible maturity and understanding is one of the central themes in Hi Bye Mama.


Seo Woo-jin as Jo Seo-woo

Although a boy, Seo Woo-jin performed Cha Yu-ri’s daughter with perfect emotion. Jo Seo-woo is a calm daughter. At an early age, she lost her mother but she has no trouble adapting to a stepmother. She loves her stepmother as if she was her real mother. Since she never saw her real mother, she is able to recognize Cha Yu-ri as a person that has a close relationship with her. She can see her ghost-mother but she can’t understand the relationship between her and Cha Yu-ri. However, she knows that the ghost-mother loves her and she loves the ghost-mother as well.