Here Are Photo Comparisons of Hong Soo-ah’s Appearance! Did She Undergo Plastic Surgery?

actress Hong Soo-ah

Hong Soo-ah Plastic Surgery Rumor

Hong Soo-ah is well-known as an actress with a doll-like appearance. Mostly recently, she had the starring role in a Chinese drama. Hong Soo-ah began her acting career under Dream Tea industries. Her beauty gainer her public attention, and caused several rumors regarding plastic surgery. Has Hong Soo-ah really had any plastic surgery? Let’s find out!

Hong Soo-ah’s Appearance Over Time

Hong soo-ah and jiyeon
Hong Soo-ah predebut
Hong Soo-ah through time

Hong Soo-ah: Plastic Surgery Clarification

Hong Song-ah clarification

On an interview with Star News, Hong Soo-ah revealed that she only went through eyelid  surgery, and nothing more. She also shared exercise routine for maintaining her figure.

During an episode of MBC’s Radio Star, Hong Soo-ah talked about a movie director’s opinion about her appearance, which was that she looked better before having her surgery. Hong Soo-ah just replied calmly that he should propose her for a role and cast her before commenting. 

Once, she had an experience where she almost couldn’t fly because of the difference between her current appearance and her passport photo, so her results are clearly dramatic!