Here Are Details of Kwon Hyun-bin’s Debut as the Solo Artist VIINI With His ‘Dimension’

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Kwon Hyun-bin, or also known as Viini, made his solo debut with the music video “GENIE” on August 19th, 2019. “GENIE,” is a song written by himself, this song tells of a soul trap that promises to fulfill every desire for a lover.

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Debut Performance


Kwon Hyun-bin made his debut performance showcase. He also attended his debut performance just on two South Korean weekly music programs. He started from MBC’s Show Music Core and Dingo Music Live.

Here is Kwon Hyun-bin or VIINI’s performance stage:

Latest News Of Kwon Hyun-bin

Hiburan –

Former JBJ member Kwon Hyun-bin revealed how the BTS group’s oldest member, Kim Seok-jin, was gathering with his friends. Kwon Hyun-bin talked about how close he was to Jin, and how he witnessed his best friend reach the peak of fame with BTS.

“I am personally close to BTS’ Jin. Hyung (older brother) went through hard times, reached the top, and became popular,” Kwon Hyun-bin said on the Mnet TMI News show. He also revealed how they scramble to pay food bills, not infrequently they make suits to determine who should pay. “We went to eat Agwi-jjim and we did a rock-paper-scissors suit to decide who pays,” he added.

Even so, Jin is also known to be very generous with his dongsaengs and is also willing to pay their food bills. In an interview with Radio Idol, Kwon Hyun-bin chose Jin as the idol who most often opens his wallet at a dinner party. In addition to being generous with Dongaseng and his friends, many people like the way Jin wants to save and invest money from his income as an idol.

Kwon Hyun-bin Receives Criticism for His Comments on BTS’ Jin

Kwon Hyun-bin received a negative response because of his comments about BTS’ Jin (Bangtan Boys) in the latest episode of TMI News Mnet. The solo singer who recently debuted with the stage name VIINI was blasphemed completely by netizens. During the program, Kwon Hyun-bin revealed that he was personally close to Jin. They went out to eat with other friends several times. But BTS’ Jin doesn’t always pay their bills even though they are known to be the richest. Jin suggested they do rock-paper-scissors to decide who would pay.

“I’m very close to Jin. But he always pays his bills separately even though he has a very successful career,” Kwon Hyun-bin said. MC Jang Do-yeon asked him back, “Are you saying that you’re disappointed because he didn’t treat you?” Kwon Hyun-bin replied, “Last summer we went to eat agwi-jjim (boiled spicy monkfish) and even did rock-paper-scissors to decide who would pay. I was like, I’m the youngest, why am I playing too (stone paper-scissors)?” Kwon Hyun-bin’s story apparently made netizens disappointed. Many said that Jin is the person who most often pays for BTS members’ meals. Kwon Hyun-bin was blasphemed to want to eat for free just because he had a rich friend like Jin.

“If one of his friends is in financial trouble, of course, he will pay for his food. Many beggars. Seokjin (Jin’s real name) is a person who often pays bills for their food. He wants to eat for free without losing his money,” commented netizens.

“Seokjin makes a lot of money. But should he buy all of them? You’re not a beggar, you also get a lot of money. Why does Seokjin have to pay for your food? It’s scary to think that beggars like this are around Seokjin,” added another netizen.

“Kwon Hyun-bin is not a trainee who doesn’t have money and he makes a lot of money to pay for food. So why does Jin have to always pay for their food? I feel like Kwon Hyun-bin is talking without thinking,” said another.

“Do you always have to treat your friends just because you have a lot of money? I don’t want to pay my friends no matter how much I earn. And I’m sure Seokjin often pays for their food. Why does Jin have to pay for their food? Do they not have money?” concluded yet another.

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