Here Are Details of Kwon Hyun-bin’s Debut as the Solo Artist VIINI With His ‘Dimension’

Let’s Get Closer To The Most Handsome Former JBJ Member Who Now Has a Solo Career – Kwon Hyun-bin

Kwon Hyun-bin was born on March 4th, 1997, in Seoul, South Korea. He is also known by his stage name Viini. He is a South Korean model, singer-songwriter, rapper and actor under YGX Entertainment. He is best known for his appearance in the reality survival program Produce 101 Season 2 and he making his debut in the former project boy group, JBJ. Kwon Hyun-bin made his solo debut with the release of the mini-album Dimension on August 19th, 2019.

In this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with detailed information about Kwon Hyun-bin as a solo artist with the name VIINI under YGX Entertainment, a subsidiary of YG Entertainment. So, stay tuned!

Debut Announcement

YGX Entertainment announced Kwon Hyun-bin will make his solo debut on August 19th, 2019. This was revealed by YGX Entertainment through uploading teaser photos on their official Instagram account @YGX_official on Thursday (1/8/2019).

In addition to the written date of Kwon Hyun-bin’s debut, in the teaser photo, YGX also wrote a caption of #권현빈 Coming Soon Poster with the hashtags #KwonHyunBin #Solo #Debut #ComingSoon #YGX #YG. On Friday (2/8/2019), YGX Entertainment, through Instagram, said that Kwon Hyun-bin will change his stage name to VIINI.

YGX also uploaded Kwon Hyun-bin’s latest photo with dark shades. In the photo, Kwon Hyun-bin is seen staring intently at the camera. Ahead of the debut, Kwon Hyun-bin opened a private YouTube channel which he named KWON HYUNBIN Official. “Kwon Hyun-bin will debut as a solo singer this summer. In order to release his first solo album, he plans to open a private YouTube channel on May 31st at 5 PM [KST],” said a YGX representative. “Through the channel, he will upload videos every week containing the preparation of the album and his daily life,” added YGX.

Kwon Hyun-bin’s name began to be known when he became one of the participants in the second season of the Produce 101 survival program on Mnet. Kwon Hyun-bin received a lot of love from fans when he made his career as a model of YG Kplus. Thanks to a request from fans, Kwon Hyun-bin finally debuted as a member of the JBJ project group, along with several other Produce 101 participants who did not make the debut team, which were Takada Kenta, Kim Dong-han, Kim Yong-guk, Kim Sang-gyun, and Roh Tae-hyun.

After debuting as a member of JBJ, Kwon Hyun-bin and other members received high popularity, and the debut song “Fantasy” was ranked first on the South Korean digital charts. After deciding to leave JBJ in 2018, Kwon Hyun-bin returned to his trainee years and entered the YGX agency, a subsidiary of YG Entertainment and started preparing for his solo debut.

On May 31st, 2019, Kwon Hyun-bin uploaded his first video on the KWON HYUNBIN Official YouTube account with a video containing his activities while preparing for a solo debut titled “Kwon Hyun Bin Begins.” In addition, Kwon Hyun-bin will also reveal preparations for his solo album and daily life on the YouTube account every Friday, at 5:00 p.m. KST, or 15:00 WIB.

Schedule Plan


Previously, on May 15th, 2019, Kwon Hyun-bin made fans curious about the message he uploaded on his personal Instagram account @komurola. “You will soon hear a piece of good news,” Kwon Hyun-bin wrote in the Instagram caption. He also announced that he would open his own YouTube channel and release a solo album this summer.



YGX Entertainment released a poster that lists the songs that will be in the DIMENSION mini-album for Kwon Hyun-bin’s solo debut, or VIINI, which will be released on August 19th, 2019. The poster was uploaded on Monday (12/08/2019) on YGX Entertainment’s official Instagram account, @ygx_official at 6:00 p.m. KST.

In the poster, it is written that the DIMENSION mini-album will have a total of 4 songs, namely “Genie” as the title track, then the second song is “Bittersweet” which is registered as a subtitle song, then there are the songs “Bad” and “Affection.” YGX Entertainment also released covers for the mini-album DIMENSION in two different versions, namely ON and OFF.

In the album, there will be a CD of the DIMENSION album, Photobook, random selfie photocard, random postcard, and a frame card. According to YG Select’s Instagram account, YG Entertainment’s official online shop, the DIMENSION physical album pre-order can be done starting on 9-19 August 2019 and the physical album will be officially released on August 20th, 2019.

The mini-album DIMENSION will be available on the YG Select Japanese, English, Korean, Chinese and Amazon sites, YG Select Qoo10 (Singapore), Shopee (Taiwan) and also YG Select Tiki (Vietnam). Meanwhile, after making a solo debut, VIINI will also hold a fan showcase on the same day, on August 19th, 2019, at 08.00 p.m. KST at Muv Hall, Seoul, South Korea. Previously, on August 2nd, 2019, YGX Entertainment, through Instagram said that Kwon Hyun-bin would change his stage name to VIINI.

At the same time, YGX also uploaded Kwon Hyun-bin’s latest photos in dark colors. In addition, the DIMENSION mini-album will be released on the South Korean music site on Monday (8/19/2019) at 08.00 p.m. KST.

Concept and Teaser


Good news came from a former participant of Produce 101 Season 2, Kwon Hyun-bin. The idol, who debuted as a model under the auspices of the YGK Plus agency, has made his debut as a solo singer with the stage name VIINI.

Kwon Hyun-bin himself had also officially debuted as a member of the JBJ group in October 2017. Together with the group, Kwon Hyun-bin appeared on various music shows to bring his main song titled “Fantasy.”

This time, Kwon Hyun-bin announced that he would release his solo album titled Dimension under the name VIINI. This album was released on August 19th, 2019. Several teasers featuring the concept of Kwon Hyun-bin’s album have also been released by the agency.

In the two teasers uploaded by the agency, Kwon Hyun-bin presented two different concepts. In the first teaser uploaded on August 6th, Kwon Hyun-bin was seen carrying a warm and calm concept.


But on the teaser photo uploaded on Wednesday (7/8), Kwon Hyun-bin appeared mysterious in his dark red suit. The mysterious and sexy nuance is increasingly felt with minimal lighting. The dim red light makes Kwon Hyun-bin look sexier and charismatic.

Kwon Hyun-bin attracted public attention because of his perseverance in practicing becoming an idol. Kwon Hyun-bin who is known to have a background as a model initially had difficulty attending training like an idol to get into an “F” class in the Produce 101 Season 2 program.

But along with his persistence in training, Kwon Hyun-bin was able to show his progress in dancing and singing. Although he failed to enter Wanna One’s debut line-up, Kwon Hyun-bin managed to attract the attention of many people after his debut with JBJ.

Let’s check the MV’s teaser and teaser image here!