K-Drama Review: A Romantic Comedy That Will Make You Wish You Aren’t Single in ‘Her Private Life’


The K-Drama About Fangirling You Must Watch!

Her Private Life drama is starring Park Min-young, Kim Jae-wook, and Ahn Bo-hyun that aired on tvN from April 10 to May 30, 2019. This drama has been adapted from a novel titled “Noona Fan Dot Com.” This drama has been caught interest since the entertainment industry has been a peak in South Korea and fangirling or fanboy. This fangirling or fanboy phenomenon is the term for someone who is fans to the idol and supporting every inch of their activity.

If you are fangirl or fanboy or underestimate with those people or curious to see the romantically involved with co-workers, you could see this K-drama. Her Private Drama may give you the other perspective about idolizing. This drama is only entertaining!

Let’s read more about He Private Life K-drama review on this Channel-Korea below!

Her Private Life: Review


This drama has a genre romantic-comedy that could steal your heart. This drama tells about the love story of Sung Deok Mi and Ryan Gold. Park Min Young gets played Sung Deok Min, a professional curator in the art gallery and also a fangirl of South Korean idol Cha Shi An whereas Ryan Gold, played by Kim Jae Wook us the new director of the art gallery where Sung Deok Mi was working.

Kim Jae Wook is a former painter who gets famous and hits on the art community. He was misunderstood in some aspect to Sung Deok Mi, but in the end, he becomes falling in love and acts like a fanboy of her.

Conflict comes in when there is rumored claimed news that the idol, Shi-an, is dating Seok-mi, then Ryan gets ideas to pretend as Deok-mi as a boyfriend to avoid the threat from Shi-an’s other fans. However, Sindy comes in entered their situation as she becomes an intern in the museum. Sindy is also a fansite manager of Cha Shi-an, where she has a mission to approve hat their relation was fake. This condition is making them continue the relationship in the office either.

Her Private Life: The Casts

  1. Park Min-young as Sung Deok Min

The girl who fangirls of idol figure, Shi-an. She is also a curator at the Cheum Museum of Art under Director Uhn, the incompetent socialite. Because of her love for Shi-an as an idol, she runs a fan website called “Shi-an is My Life”.

2. Kim Jae-wook s Ryan Gold or Heo Yoon-je


He is the new art director at the museum where Deok Min works. He is a famous former painter in New York, and he decided to retire since he got Stendhal syndrome. He started falling in love with Sung Deok Min.

3. Ahn Bo-hyun as Nam Eun-gi


He is an Olympic silver medalist in judo who also open a business in the gym and become an instructor. He was like a brother for Deok-mi since he got raised together with Deok-mi’s mother. He was left in the hospital since a little child by his mother. Yet Nam Eun-gi grows to love to Deok-mi.

4. Jung Jae-won as Cha Shi-an


He is an idol and the most popular from the boy group, White Ocean. He has admiralty to fansiTe, “Shi-an is My Life.” He claims that this site is the only one that has the same understanding and suitable for his work. Moreover, he also a fan artist of Lee Sol and wants to collect all the paintings.

5. Kim Bora as Cindy


She is the daughter of the Art director who also a fansite master, and she has a desire to prove the fake relationship of Sung Deok Min and Ryan Gold.

Her Private Life: The Soundtracks

1. Help Me by G(I)DLE

This song becomes one of the most comfortable listenings on the whole package of the soundtrack of Her Private Life. The song that sings by G(I)DLE could be going well to be your morning breeze to start the day. The energetic vibes on the song could transfer the feeling of life. Check this one out!

2. Maybe by Hae-ri ‘Davichi’

No doubt Hae-ri is having a strong vocal and beautiful tune. This song could be soothing your ears with her harmonize singing skill. Song ‘Maybe is talking about the relationship of Ryan Gold and Sung Dek Mi on this drama. The romantic lyrics really blowing away and be ready to get it to touch your heart.

3. Think of You by Ha Sung Woon

The ballad song is ultimately the strong point of the K-drama soundtrack usually. The instrumental of Think of You could make the drama more dramatic and compelling the story.

Moreover, the musicality of Ha Sung Woon never betrays to enter the soul. The lyrics and the music instrument are well blend and sending a beautiful message to the listener’s heart even though they don’t know the meaning of the songs. Come and check it out!

4. Floating by Hong Dae Kwang

Floating singing by Hong Dae Kwang also offered the guitar acoustic that capture the falling in the love scene. This song will make you understand how it is to be love and to love. Romantic isn’t it? Go get your headset on, listen to this!

5.Shining Star by IN2IT

This boyband IN2IT also contributed to make this K-drama more engaging. The song “Shining Star” has upbeat music and sets afire spirit to people who are listening. This song is really easy to be enjoyed. Put it on your playlist!

5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Her Private Life

  1. The theme of the storyline is super exciting and unique

Fangirling and fanboying become part of the triumph of the entertainment industry in South Korea. This phenomenon leads to show another side of people who admire the idol. The storytelling that builds on this K-drama may relatable to activity that mostly did by people who love the idol-like Sung Deok Mi did to Shi-an. Moreover, the triangle love conflicts between co-workers also made the drama more unique into leading in where the love will land it on.

  1. The romantic comedy genre that could easily make people engage well

On this K-drama, romance becomes the most conflict that will present the humorous scene on this, yet is drama is much flooding around in every episode. This drama could be an entertaining weapon since it has a light story that you could watch after experience the big hustle day. So much recommended!

  1. Revealing up the fangirling life comes out

Fangirl’s life may look suspicious and underrated. A lot of people will see this behavior may be such a ridiculous thing to do. Being a fan of some popular is not bad as it seems, this drama is all you can see. There is always some contra and pro things on the favor. Something is still happened, like ways the other kind of hobby.

  1. The soundtrack on this drama is soothing and comfortable listening to music

No doubt, K-drama soundtracks are always offered something that could engage the listeners. The songs are varied and beautiful to be a playlist of your starting day.

  1. Excellent chemistry between the lead actor and actresses

Kim Jae Wook and Park Min Young have never failed the expectation as to their role. They succeed in showing the unbeatable acting as a couple in every episode. It is easy to fall in love with the character since their personality could bring out the viewers to understand the situation and made wants to watch more to what happens next.

It’s all about the K-drama review of “Her Private Life.” Do you want to see this drama or already watched it? Put your comments below and share your point about this drama! Let’s keep supporting the K-drama world!