Heo Jung-min’s Profile, Dramas, and Movie List

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Who is Heo Jung-min?

Have you ever watched the Korean drama Marriage, Not Dating from 2014 or Another Oh Hae Young from 2016? If you have, then you would definitely know Park Hoon, Do Kyung’s younger brother who became the sound recording studio staff. He is none other than actor Heo Jung Min. Famously known as a handsome and young ahjussi, Heo Jung-min has captured many fans’ hearts. For those of you who want to know more about actor Heo Jung-min, we will reveal his full profile, so stay tuned!

Actor Heo Jung Min’s Full Profile, 2018

Birth Name : Heo Jeong Min

Birth Date : November 11, 1982

Age : 35 years old

Height : 180 cm

Active Year : 1995 – Present

Twitter Account : @moonchild7824

Who is Heo Jung-min’s Girlfriend?


Heo Jung-min has caught lots of attention when he played the role of Park Hoon in Another Oh Hae Young in 2016. His romantic relationship with Heo Young-ji (who played the role of Yoon Ahn Na) made many people wonder if they actually were in real relationship. Young Ji herself revealed that Heo Jung Min proposed to her during a Oh hae Young Again dinner party after several alcoholic drinks. Heo Jung-min even mentioned that he had savings and such. But unluckily, he was rejected right away.

Heo Jung-min’s Recent Dramas

heo jung min

After starring in two dramas in 2017, Introvert Boss and Confession Couple, Heo Jung Min took part in another drama in March 2018. The drama is called That Man Oh Soo and it airs on OCN. Playing a main role along with Lee Jong Hyun and Kim So Eun, they brought the color to the drama. Heo Jung Min himself acted as a 30 years old man, who is also Oh Soo’s older brother. Let’s support Heo Jung Min in That Man Oh Soo.

Complete List of Heo Jung-min’s Movies and TV Shows

Having been in the acting industry for more than 20 years, here is the complete list of Heo Jung Min’s TV shows.

No. TV Show Title Year Role Network
1. “Sandglass” 1995 SBS
2. “My Love Patzzi” 2002 Moon Seung Man MBC
3. “1% of Anything” 2003 Kim Joon Hyun MBC
4. “The Bean Chaff of My Life” 2003 Choi Eun Ho MBC
5. “Merry Go Round” 2003 Myung Ja’s son MBC
6. “My 19 Year Old Sister in Law” 2004 Han Kang Pyo SBS
7. “Princess Lulu” 2005 Jung Min SBS
8. “The Barefooted Youth 2005 Bong Chun Dong MBC
9. “Mr. Goodbye” 2005 Ronnie KBS2
10. “A Woman’s Choice” 2006 Ahn Jin Mo KBS2
11. “Capital Scandal” 2007 Shin Se Ki KBS2
12. “Legend of Hyang Dan” 2007 Bang Ja MBC
13. “Chunja’s Happy Events” 2008 Nam Gi Seok MBC
14. “Little Mom Scandal” 2008 Jung Woo Yub CGV
15. “Drama Special “Ji Hoon, Born in 1982” 2011 Kim Ji Hoon KBS2
16. “Dream of the Emperor” 2012 Buyeo Tae KBS1
17. “All About My Romance” 2013 Seo Yoon Ki SBS
18. Drama Special “Outlasting Happiness” 2013 Kyung Woon KBS2
19. “Pluto Secret Society” 2014 Choi Ki Chan EBS
20. “Marriage, Not Dating” 2014 Lee Hoon Dong tvN
21. “Shine or Go Crazy” 2015 Yang Gyu Dal MBC
22. “All is Well” 2015 Jang Jin Gook KBS2
23. “Wings of an Angel” 2015 Choi Gi Chan KBS2
24. “Another Oh Hae Young” 2016 Park Hoon tvN
25. “Introvert Boss” 2017 Eom Sun Bong tvN
26. “Confession Couple” 2017 Ahn Jae Woo KBS2
27. “That Man Oh Soo” 2018 Oh Ga Na OCN

Not only starring in TV shows, Heo Jung Min also acted in several films.

No. Movie Title Year
1. “Mr. Socrates” 2005
2. “Fancy Walk” 2013