Korean Actor Heo Joon-ho’s Profile and Facts

heo joonho

Heo Joon-ho, the Korean Actor

Following in the steps of his father and older brother since the year 1986, Heo Joon-ho’s status as an experienced actor cannot be shrugged off. Already having bagged awards such as Best Supporting Actor at important events such as the 16th Blue Dragon Film Awards in 1995, the 41st Grand Bell Awards in 2004, and other awards such as Popular Star Award in the 8th Korea Musical Awards in 2002 and Special Jury Prize in the 10th Korea Drama Awards in 2007 are the evidence of Heo Joon-ho’s hard work during the past 30 years of his career. In this article, Channel-Korea will explain to you all about Heo Joon-ho, including his full profile and the list of his television dramas, movies, and theater shows. So, keep reading!

Heo Joon-ho’s Full Profile

heo joonho

Real Name: Heo Joon-ho

Date of Birth: Seoul, South Korea, 14 April 1964

Age: 55 (Korean age) / 54 (International age)

Occupation: Actor and Theater Show Producer

Zodiac Sign: Aries

Chinese Astrology: Dragon

Nationality: South Korean

Height: 180 cm

Weight: 75 kg

Education: Seoul Arts College, with a major in the Department of Theater

Spouse: Lee Ha-yan

Children: 1 (a daughter)

Father: Heo Jang-kang

Siblings: 1 (older brother actor Heo Gi-ho)

Talent Agency: JC Works Entertainment, GM Entertainment

List of Heo Joon-ho’s Dramas and Movies

heo joonho

As was explained previously in the article, Heo Joon-ho is considered a senior actor in South Korea’s film industry. Even though most of his roles are supporting ones, Heo Joon-ho has taken main roles as well such as in his most popular project, the movie Silmido, and the theater show Gambler, which he has reprised several times.  In this section, Channel-Korea has compiled a list of the television series, films, and theater shows that Heo Joon-ho has starred in.

1986 – Chung (Blue Sketch) (as Joon-ho)

1988 – KBS2 The Winter That Year Was Born (as In-jae)

1989 – Good Morning, Ms. President (as Kim Bbu-ri)

1991 – A Small Autocratic Republic (as Moderator)

1991 – Green Sleeves (as Vietcong Min)

1992 – 27 Roses (as Seung-jin)

1992 – White Badge (Supporting Role as Sergeant Hong)

1993 – MBC My Mother’s Sea (Supporting Role as Jang-jae)

1993 – MBC Walking to Heaven (as Yong-dal)

1993 – We Must Go to Apgujeong-dong on Windy Days (as Kyung-tae)

1993 – To the Starry Island (Supporting Role as Soon-dol / Villager)

1994 – MBC The Last Match / The Final Match (Supporting Role as Kim Man-jae / Player #10)

1994 – Life and Death of the Hollywood Kid (Cameo as Actor in monitored fight scene)

1994 – Coffee, Copy and a Bloody Nose (as Cameo)

1994 – Pirates (as Heung-baek)

1994 – Jamon Jamon Seoul (as Sung-wook)

1995 – KBS2 A Sunny Place of the Young (Supporting Role as Hwang Yoon-bae)

1995 – SBS Ashpalt Man (Supporting Role as Han Ki-soo)

1995 – My Father the Bodyguard (as Seung-chul)

1995 – The Terrorist (Supporting Role as Sang-chul)

1996 – A Petal (Supporting Role as Yongdalcha’s man)

1996 – KBS2 Shooting (as Pyo Wang-soo)

1996 – MBC Power of Love (Supporting Role as Kang-ho)

1996 – Two Men (as Tae-sik)

1996 – Grown-ups Grill the Herring / Daddy Loves to Cook Herring (Main Role as Park Gong-yeop)

1997 – MBC Revenge and Passion (Supporting Role as Choi Sang-do)

1997 – KBS1 The River of Maternal Love

1997 – The Rocket Was Launched (as Main Role)

1997 – The Partner (Supporting Role as Silhouette)

1997 – The Last Defense (Main Role as Na Hee-joo)

1997 – Man With Flowers (Ssupporting Role as Seok-beom)

1998 – The Last Attempt (Main Role as Park Cheol-kyu)

1998 – Blues (as Cafe owner)

1998 – MBC See and See Again / Can’t Take My Eyes Off You (Supporting Role as Park Ki-poong)

1999 – Mary, Mary

1999 – Cats

1998 – The Sound of Music

1999 – Hard Rock Cafe

1999 – Gambler (Main Role as Casino boss)

1999 – MBC Roses and Bean Sprouts (Supporting Role as Ho-sik)

1999 – MBC The Boss (Supporting Role as Balgarak / Toes)

1999 – SBS Woman on Top (Supporting Role as Song Yeon-woo)

1999 – SBS Love Story: Lost Baggage (Main Role as Yong-man on episode 3 and 4)

2000 – The Life (as Jojo)

2000 – MBC Bad Friends (Main Role as Jung Soo-hyun)

2000 – MBC Foolish Princes (Main Role as Yeo Si-kwang)

2000 – KBS2 The Full Sun (as Park Heon-do)

2000 – Artist (as Cameo)

2000 – Libera Me (Supporting Role as Lee In-soo)

2001 – Volcano High (Supporting Role as Mr. Ma Bang-jin the Math Teacher)

2001 – MBC Hotelier (Supporting Role as Oh Hyung-man)

2001 – Empress Myeongseong (as Supporting Role)

2002 – MBC I Love You, Hyun-jung (Main Role as Yoo Sang-ho)

2002 – Four Toes (Main Role as Audie)

2003 – SBS All In (Supporting Role as Yoo Jong-gu)

2003 – Silmido (Main Role as Sergeant Jo Dong-il)

2004 – SBS Into the Storm (as Cameo)

2004 – KBS2 Precious Family (Main Role as Park Chang-soo)

2005 – Gambler (Main Role as Casino boss)

2005 – Never to Lose (Main Role as Moon Bong-soo)

2005 – Dragon Squad (Supporting Role as Captain Ko Tung-yuen)

2006 – The Restless (Supporting Role as Ban-chu)

2006 – SBS Love and Ambition

2006 – MBC Jumong (Supporting Role as Hae Mo-su)

2007 – SBS Lobbyist (Supporting Role as James Lee / Lee Ho-joon)

2007 – Hae-eo-hwa (as the Producer of the theater show)

2008 – Gambler (Main Role as Casino boss)

2008 – His Last Gift (Main Role as Jo Yeong-woo)

2008 – The Divine Weapon (Main Role as Chang-kang)

2009 – Chicago (as Billy Flynn)

2010 – Moss (Supporting Role as Yoo Mok-hyeon)

2013 – Crimes of Passion (as Jung Hee-hyung)

2016 – KBS2 A Beautiful Mind (Supporting Role as Lee Gun-myung)

2017 – MBC The Emperor: Owner of the Mask / Ruler (Supporting Role as Dae Mok)

2017 – The Merciless (Special Appearance as Kim Sung-han)

2018 – In-rang / Jin-roh: The Wolf Brigade (Special Appearance as Lee Gi-seok)

2018 – Sovereign Default (Main Role as Gab-su)

2018 – MBC Come and Hug Me (Supporting Role as Yoon Hee-jae)

2018 – Netflix Kingdom (as Supporting Role)