Get Closer to Henry Lau’s Virtual Wife On We Got Married: Jewelry’s Former Member Kim Ye-won

The End of Their Married Life

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Unfortunately the virtual marriage of Henry and Yewon did not last long, and had to end very quickly. Yewon was involved in a scandal with actress Lee Tae-Im. Yewon was suspected of being rude towards Tae-Im. Then many netizens said it was blasphemy on Yewon’s part, and told Yewon to quit We Got Married, and said that she was not fit for Henry.

Not long after, Yewon finally wrote an apology related to the scandal that befell her. In her apology letter, she apologized to Lee Tae-Im, Henry, and the entire staff of We Got Married.

“Hello, this is Yewon. It took me a long time to write this letter, so I do not know how I’m going to discuss my regret. At that moment, it was the first time I had been involved in a major problem and there were many other people depending on my speech, so I could not make a personal statement easily.

I’m even careful on every letter I write in this message. Although late, I gather the courage to write this letter. Honestly, I was very scared and it was very difficult to meet someone while filming ‘We Got Married’, I often thought of quitting.

However, I thought it was an irresponsible attitude if I stopped filming ‘We Got Married’, because I had a hard time when Producer, staff member and Henry guide me well. So I work so hard and do my best.

I apologize to the representative for my attitude. I am also very sorry for Henry who worked very hard and helped many things as my partner. I’m also really sorry for an uncomfortable viewer watching me and apologizing for disappointing those who have supported me.

Lastly, I said a deep apology to Lee Tae Im sunbaenim, for my attitude during the filming of ‘Tutoring Across Generations’.”

Henry Reunites with Yewon

June 2016, Henry and Yewon reunited at a cafe, both Henry and Yewon shared selfies on their personal Instagram accounts. Yewon wrote, “Henry, it’s been a really, really long time! You’re still brimming with energy as every,” while Henry wrote, “Honey, it’s been a while!”

henry yewon
henry yewon

In the photos, the two are comfortable as ever together, smiling widely!