Get Closer to Henry Lau’s Virtual Wife On We Got Married: Jewelry’s Former Member Kim Ye-won


Get Closer to Super Junior’s Henry Virtual Wife, Kim Yewon

Kim Yewon is a former member of the South Korean girl group, Jewelry. Jewelry was a girl group under Star Empire which debuted in 2001 which is the longest and most famous girl group in South Korea, although there have been multiple member changes, even before Girl’s Generation debuted in 2007. Unfortunately, in January 2015, Star Empire stated that Jewelry is disbanded, but only Yewon is renewing a contract with Star Empire.

After Jewelry disbanded in early 2015, Yewon joined the fourth season of reality show We Got Married, where she was paired with Super Junior’s Henry Lau singer, but that did not last long. In October 2016, Kim Yewon decided not to renew her contract with Star Empire and in November 2016, Yewon officially joined Jellyfish Entertainment as an actress and singer.

Let’s take a look at the profile of Kim Yewon!

Full Profile of Henry’s Virtual Wife, Kim Yewon


Name : Kim Yewon

Date of Birth : December 08, 1989

Age : 29 years old

Profession : Singer and Actress

Height : 162 cm

Weight : 45 kg

Zodiac : Sagittarius

Blood Type : O

Religion : Protestant

Hobby : Listening to Music

Education : Myongji College (Applied Music)

Agency : JellyFlish Entertainment

Kim Yewon on We Got Married with Henry Lau

henry yewon

In March 2015, Kim Yewon participated in a variety show entitled We Got Married along with Super Junior M, Henry Lau. They officially became a married couple on screen in June 2015 along with CNBLUE’s Jonghyun and Aktirs’ Gong Seung-Yeon. In fact, Henry and Jonghyun had to choose between Yewon and Seung-Yeon, it turns out Seung-Yeon was being seized by Jonghyun and Henry. However, in the end Jonghyun was paired with Seung-Yeon, while Yewon paired up with Henry as a virtual couple.

Their First Impression

yewon henry

The first meeting of Yewon and Henry was in Yewon’s apartment. At that time, Yewon was  eagerly waiting for her husband in the living room of her apartment, while Henry was so nervous to meet his wife. Afterwards, in front of Yewon’s apartment, Henry knocked on the door and finally appeared to Yewon with a huge smile. They both look so shocked and excited.

Yewon and Henry tried to get closer as husband and wife. While talking, suddenly Henry sniffed Yewon scent, and said that he wanted to remember the scent of his wife. Yewon and Henry became the netter-awaited couple, as they both had a good sense of humor and  a cheerful nature.

Their First Kiss

yewon henry

During one episode, Yewon and Henry were walking around enjoying the night atmosphere around their apartment, that night was really very romantic for the couple. At that time, Henry wanted to follow the Korean drama scene by kissing Yewon who was leaning against a tree, but because they were both unbalanced,  Henry’s kisses that he tried to give to Yewon failed. Then, the Yewon finally kissed Henry first, and after that they laugh together.