Let’s Check Out Soloist Henry and Actress Kathryn’s Cute Interaction on MBC ‘I Live Alone’

Henry’s Special Korean Class

On the train to Yongmun, Henry taught Kathryn some of Korean general words, such as ‘Annyeonghaseo‘ (Hello), by bowing her head to be more polite. Then she practiced it to an old women (ahjumma) who was sitting beside her. Not only that, he taught her other words such as ‘Ippeusineyo (you’re so pretty in formal ways), and she said it to the ahjumma there.

Kathryn was still learning Korean language with Henry in the train. The next phrase was ‘Chaam! Meositta!‘ such like a phrase of praise to someone that means “OMG, you’re so awesome/handome!”.

After that, he taught her a phrase for if you feel annoyed at someone or taunting, with “Ya! i-yangban-a,‘ meaning “Hey! You old chap!”

Main Cast Reactions Towards The Clips


In every I Live Alone episode, all the main cast have the opportunity to react the activities from another cast. At that time, it was their turn to give their reaction to Henry’s day with his special guest, Kathryn Prescott.

After only a few minutes they watched the clips, Henry was immediately attacked by other main cast. This is because whe Kathryn arrived at the station Henry immediately was greeting her with a warm hug. It made the other main cast think that Henry was really happy to meet someone special on his life that he waited for, for a long time.

A few moments later, he accidentally said “Seeing her now, she looks so pretty,” then everyone was surprised, and Henry immediately gave his explantation about his statement.

Henry was always teased by other main cast, like Sung Hoon, Hwasa, Kian84, etc. Hwasa said that Henry looked so happy near Kathryn’s side, and he gave his excessive smile.

When the clips were watched by all of  the cast, that is when Kathryn and Henry were taking a picture of the train tickets and their legs. Hwasa and the people there were surprised because it’s the sort of thing to be done by a couple, to make their memories of their time together. Henry also was asked, “If your go out or hang out with Na Rae, would you do the same thing with her?(taking a picture of legs)”. He answered it with “The pretty food”, Na Rae also asserted that her toenails grew in, and how could Henry say it was good?

Henry is getting worse, and feels teased by people around there, but he had to keep smiling and not be angry. Moreover, when the clips were played of Henry and Kathryn  eating at a restaurant, then he introduced his friend Kian84 to Kathryn.


At that time, Kian84 had to talke with Kathryn in English, and he asked her “Do you like Henry?” and she answered “Yes, I like Henry as a friend”, it turned out that Kathryn’s answer made the other cast open-mouthed and feeling bad for Henry.

The last question that Kian84 asked is “Do you have a boyfriend”, and unexpectedly, the answer she gave was “yes,” she already have. Sung Hoon felt sad and sorry for Henry, because he looked happy when he was close to her. Then Kian84, Na Rae, and another cast member noticed his reaction after he heard Kathryn’s answer, they thought that he didn’t like her answer and felt disappointed.

Random Facts

There are some of Henry and Kathryn’s facts from when they were shooting for I Live Alone:

  • Henry aught a little of the Korean language to Kathryn, such as; Annyeonghaseo, Gomawo, Chaam Meositta!, Dallyeo, even i-yangban-a!.
  • Henry helped her to wear a sun-umbrella (hat), but he actually mafe Kathryn’s hair messy.
  • Kathryn advised Henry to take a picture together, Henry took a picture of her when she was taking Henry’s picture. Kathryn’s shots looked good and aesthetic, but Henry’s did not.
  • Kathryn told Henry to aegyeo pose when they were at the Yongmun Temple.

Latest News!


After he had his first debut in a Hollywood movie with Kathryn Prescott, Henry also released his new, romantic single “Thinking Of You,” which he produced.

The lyrics of “Thinking Of You” relate to the joy of a man when he’s on a trip to meet his girlfriend. And this new single was released on February 12, 2020.

That’s all details about Henry Lau and Kathryn Prescott’s episodes on I Live Alone, also with Henry’s latest news about his new single. So, if you have finished read this article, don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comment section!