Take a Look at Henry and Amber’s Funny Moments Together! Are They Dating?

Henry and Amber relationship

The Truth About Henry and Amber’s Relationship

Henry and Amber are both from America which means they are something of foreigners in South Korea. Since they are in the same agency and became trainees together, Henry and Amber have become really close like family. Many people think that Henry and Amber are dating in real life because of their close interaction with each other. Do they really have a special relationship outside of work? Let’s find out more!


Henry and Amber’s Moments on MBC’s I Live Alone

Henry and Amber on MBC I Live Alone

Henry became the leading character in MBC’s I Live Alone from 2017 until 2018. The show is about an artist’s daily life activities off-stage, so the public, both non-fans and fans, can learn about their activities behind the scene. Amber also made an appearance in the show due to Henry’s video calls, several times since the beginning of the episode.

Their close relationship could be seen on several occasions, which made the MC easily guess who Henry was calling at the time. 

When Amber finally showed up in person, Henry and Amber’s casual interaction could be seen in the show.

Both of them do not care what other people thinking about their interaction with each other. Even Jinyoung, a former member of the boy group B1A4, couldn’t avoid the sight of Amber and Henry’s silliness and randomness in front of him.

Henry and Amber’s interaction always brought on happy moments. When Henry got a toothache, Amber showed her feminine side as she worried about Henry’s sickness at that time. Even though they were away from each other and could only communicate through a video call.


Trivia About Henry and Amber’s Relationship

Henry and Amber relationship trivia
  1. They were guests in the 2015 KBS Happy Together on a brother-sister special with several other guests.
  2. Henry tried to kiss Amber during her birthday.
  3. They created a song together as Christmas special under SM Entertainment.
  4. They collaborated for a song together when Henry released an album in 2013.
  5. Henry has said that Amber is like his biological sister from different parents. They often show off their closeness to the public.

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  6. In an interview, Amber confessed that during Henry’s virtual marriage on MBC’s We Got Married, Henry called Amber regularly and made her scold him as she reminded him of his current status.
  7. Amber joined MBC’s Real Man, in 2016, for women because of Henry’s approach.


Friendship Goals Between Henry and Amber

Henry and Amber friendship goals

Henry and Amber have known each other since their trainee days. Since both of them are foreigners from a Korean’s perspective, Henry and Amber have become close and understand each other’s difficulties even more. Although they are from the opposite gender, Henry and Amber attract each other with their own unique charm until their friendship became the public’s shipper. Because of their close relationship, the public thinks that they are a couple even though there are no official statements and claims about their love rumor.