Get To Know Former Hello Venus Member, Rapper Lime: Profile, Plastic Surgery Rumor, and a Lot More

Lime’s Instagram

For the latest pieces of information about Lime, you can follow her Instagram @hv_lime to find out more about her activities.

Lime’s Latest News

There is no recent news about Lime after Hello Venus was declared disbanded in April 2019. On April 26th, 2019, Fantastic showed their support with an official statement, saying, “The exclusive contracts of Hello Venus members Alice, Nara, Lime, Yooyoung, Seoyoung, and Yeoreum will come to an end on May 8th, 2019. After discussing with the members about Hello Venus’ future, we came up with an agreement to support each other’s individual activities for the future of all members.”

Seoyoung and Yeoreum will continue activities with Fantagio Music, and Yooyoung and Lime are negotiating renewals. However, Alice and Nara will be leaving the agency. Well, good luck to all the members of Hello Venus and let’s hope they will reunite soon!