Hello Venus’s Alice: Profile, Facts, Drama, and More!


Find Out More About Hello Venus’ Alice!

Do you know Alice, one of the members of the popular South Korean girl group, Hello Venus? The leader of Hello Venus, herself, was known as a dorky one but she has also had one of the prettiest visuals among the other member.

Well, if you want to know more about who is the leader of Hello Venus, Alice, let’s scroll down and check out the article below!

Full Profile


Real Name: Song Joo-hee (송주희)

Stage Name: Alice (앨리스)

Place and Date of Birth: Wonju, South Korea, March 21st, 1990

Zodiac: Aries

Weight: 47 kg

Height: 166 cm

Blood Type: B

Position: Main Vocalist, Leader, Face of the Group

Official Sites: Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/hv_alice/)

Random Facts

  1. Hello Venus’ Alice is able to play the guitar and it is one of her main hobbies.
  2. Hello Venus’ Alice was given the former stage name Ora.
  3. Hello Venus’ Alice’s ideal type is HIGHLIGHT’s Yoseob because he has a great singing ability.


Title Album Details Sales
Release Date Label Formats
Extended Plays
Venus May 9th, 2012/Re-released: July 4th, 2012 (Like a Wave) Tricell Media CD, digital download N/A
What Are You Doing Today? December 12th, 2012 Tricell Media CD, digital download KOR: 984+ (2013)
Would You Stay for Tea? May 2nd, 2013 Tricell Media CD, digital download KOR: 10,213+
I’m Ill July 22nd, 2015 Fantagio Music CD, digital download KOR: 4,338+
Mystery of Venus January 11th, 2017 Fantagio Music CD, digital download KOR: 3,021+
Live Albums
Hello Venus Live Album 2013 August 13th, 2013 Tricell Media Digital download N/A
Venus 2012 N/A N/A KOR: 600,430
What Are You Doing Today? N/A N/A KOR: 274,438
Would You Stay For Tea? 2013 N/A N/A KOR: 293,504
Sticky Sticky 2014 N/A N/A KOR: 49,665
Wiggle Wiggle 2015 N/A N/A KOR: 35,223
I’m Ill N/A N/A KOR: 32,876
Glow 2016 N/A N/A KOR: 10,172
Paradise N/A N/A KOR: 8,000
Runway N/A N/A N/A
Mysterious 2017 N/A N/A
Music Videos
Venus 2012
What Are You Doing Today?
Would You Stay for Tea? 2013
Where Are You Now?
Sticky Sticky 2014
Wiggle Wiggle 2015
Soldier Dance
I’m Ill
Glow 2016
Mysterious 2017


Year Organizer Title Network
Reality Shows
2012 Birth of Venus MBC Music
2013 Diary Season 3 with NU’EST SBS MTV
Hello Beauty School KBS Joy
Ambassador Roles
2013 Seoul Metropolitan Government 2013 Seoul International Cartoon and Animation Festival Ambassador
Gangwon Provincial Government 2013 Saving Gangwon Provincial Traditional Market Ambassador
National Child Protection Agency 2013 Children’s Abuse Prevention Day Ambassador
2014 Green Umbrella Children Fund Green Umbrella Children Fund Two-wheeled Dream Road Ambassador
2014~2015 UN International Relief Organisation Join Together Fund-raising Ambassador

Lawsuit against former agency


As reported from SBS, Hello Venus’ Alice won the lawsuit against her former agency. The label should compensate the member of Hello Venus, Alice, with a total of 80 million KRW (approximately AUD 99,300).

The case was started when Hello Venus’ Alice signed under A Entertainment and she had to perform under the stage name Ora. During her new beginning, it was a hard time for her since the agency ordered her to wear quite the revealing outfits. The member of Hello Venus, who has a real name Song Joo-hee, claimed that she had requested to change the outfit but the agency ignored her.

Around 2010, Hello Venus’ Alice, filmed a rated 19+ music video with a sexy concept where she had to wear revealing outfit and display a suggestive choreography. A year later, Hello Venus’ Alice decided to leave the agency since the CEO insulted her character and made her feel ashamed.


Alice then signed with Fantagio Music and debuted as Hello Venus’ Alice. But her former agency, A Entertainment, sued her for terminating the contract by herself and claimed that Hello Venus’ Alice didn’t attend her schedules even though the agency had provided vocal and dance lessons for her with a whole music video production too.

On the other hand, Hello Venus’ Alice revealed that the agency didn’t provide good training and management for her. She also stated that the agency demand her to serve at an adult entertainment venue and they owed her 2 million KRW.

In the end, Hello Venus’ Alice won the case and the idol’s former agency should compensate the money that they haven’t paid her. The judge of this lawsuit said that A Entertainment has violated the contract and didn’t carry out the schedules properly. What makes it even worst that they don’t have any evidence about this case.

Latest News

As reported from Soompi on April 26th, 2019, Fantagio Music, as the label artist for Hello Venus, announced an official statement that each member will go their separate way as their contract ends.


“Hello, this is Fantagio Music.”

“First of all, we wrote this letter and express our gratitude that the fans have given love to Hello Venus for a long time. Some of Hello Venus’ members’ exclusive contract (Alice, Nara, Lime, Yooyoung, Seoyoung, Yeoreum) with us will expire on May 8th, 2019. We already discussed with the members about their individual activities in the future and we want to support their individual paths.”

“For Seoyoung and Yeoreum who already joined as Hello Venus’ members since 2014, they will continue their activities under our label and we will positively make a renewal contract with Yooyoung and Lime. The 2 last members, Alice and Nara decided to not renew their contracts and chase their new dreams on a new path.”

“We are so grateful to the 6 members of Hello Venus who have always worked hard and have shown their best from debut until now. We will cheer and support their solo career in the future and will do our best to help so they can grow until becoming a successful artist.”

“Thank you to Hello Venus’s fans who have sent a lot of love and support over the past 7 years and we ask to keep cheering the members in their new beginnings.”

On April 18th, 2019, Fantagio Music denied Hello Venus’ disbandment by saying that nothing has been decided about each member’s individual contract or the group’s disbandment. Fantagio Music revealed that they are only in the middle of discussing the members’ contract renewal.

Hello Venus debuted in 2012 with the mini-album Venus and recently made a hit comeback, in 2017, with their title track “Mysterious.”

Well, that was the full profile and information about Hello Venus’s Alice. Although Hello Venus is already disbanded this year, let us hope that their friendship is still going strong as ever and a stroke of good luck will hit each member’s individual career in the future!