Having a Pretty Face, Check Out Super Junior’s Heechul’s Charm as a Beautiful Woman


Super Junior’s Heechul and His Pretty Face

In the K-Pop industry, it’s pretty common to see our male idols cross-dressing as females. Even though it is just for fun, sometimes it makes us realize that some male idols are suitable to wear female dresses and hair, not to mention their beautiful skin and facial look. One male idol that is famous for his cross-dressing and his pretty face is none other than Super Junior’s Heechul.

Kim Hee-chul is known to be a direct person and often hosts various shows because of his MC-ing skill. Ever since he was debuted with the other Super Junior members in 2006, he has also been known for his pretty face. He has appeared as a woman many times and slew each of them. What does he look like when he dresses like a woman, though? In this article, Channel-Korea will give you all the details and photos of Heechul’s appearances as a woman.

Appeared as A Girl with Super Junior Members

Being Hee-sica


The most phenomenal look from Heechul is when he dressed up as SNSD’s Jessica. He even called himself as Hee-sica. His first appearance as Hee-sica was on SBS’s variety show Intimate Note, when Super Junior became the guests in April, 2009. It was a show to bring artists who are awkward with each other to play games as a couple and become closer. There were four target members: Eunhyuk, Heechul, Kangin, and Sungmin. The four of them were asked to dress as girls and present themselves. Eunhyuk showed up as a woman from Shanghai, Eunja; Sungmin as a ‘bad-ass’ 12-year-old girl, Sungsoon; Heechul as Girls’ Junior’s Hee-sica, and Kangin as Fedor’s girlfriend, Kajuski, from Russia. They performed SNSD’s Gee and their own hit song, Sorry Sorry.

Super Junior-T – Rokkugo Music Video

Even a couple of years before Hee-sica appeared, Heechul had appeared dressed as a lady in 2007. He also appeared as a girl on Super Junior-T’s (Super Junior’s sub-unit) music video, Rokkugo. He acted as a girl who had fallen for other members.

Watch the full music video below!

Drama Parody Goong-T

Super Junior-T members also made a drama parody of Goong (as known as Princess Hours), named Goong T. The cast were Sungmin as Heebin (Queen Chungdam), Leeteuk as Kind Prince (also the secret son), Eunhyuk as Bad Prince (Heebin’s son), Heechul as Lady Jini (also Eunhyuk’s Fiance), Kangin as Eunuch Kang, and Shindong as Bad Prince’s Friend with no existence.

In the story, Lady Jini is engaged to Prince Eunhyuk and supposed to marry him. However, she doesn’t actually like him and falls for Prince Leeteuk from the first time they meet. While getting mesmerized by Price Leeteuk’s appearance, Lady Jini literally falls off of the balcony and Prince Leeteuk, who sees her falling, heroically catches her. Lady Jini then invites him for dinner at her house as a thanks gift. They end up becoming a couple secretly before the disaster comes. You can watch the full drama parody below.

On Show Performances and Concerts

From July, 2009, until April 2010, Super Junior held their second concert, Super Show 2, starting in Seoul, South Korea. In the concert, they performed SNSD’s Gee and not only did Heechul perform as Hee-sica, other Super Junior members also transformed themselves into SNSD members: Kyuhyun as Kyu-young (Sooyoung), Leeteuk as Teuk-taenggoo (Taeyeon), Donghae as Yoon-hae (Yoona), Eunhyuk as Hyo-hyuk (Hyoyeon), Sungmin as Ming-suni (Sunny), Siwon as Ma-yuri (Yuri), Kangin as Kang-pani (Tiffany), and Ryeowook as Seo-wook (Seohyun).

In the same year, on December 29, SBS’s Gayo Daejun made a special performance from various boy-groups, including 2AM, 2PM, Super Junior, B2ST, MBLAQ, and SHINee. They performed many famous girl-group songs such Brown Eyed Girls’ Sign, KARA’s Mister, 4Minute’s Muzik, T-ARA’s Bo Peep Bo Peep, and SNSD’s Gee where Heechul, again, appeared as Hee-sica and sang Jessica’s part. You can watch their full performances below as Gee starts from 4:47 – 6:37.

Not only Hee-sica, Heechul also made various other appearances as female artists or characters in Super Junior’s concerts.


In Super Junior’s third concert, Super Show 3, Heechul appeared as Lady GaGa and called himself Lady HeeHee. He went all-in as he wore a long, blonde wig and a jacket with the writing “LADY” and Chinese lettering “Hee Hee”. He performed Poker Face then followed by other Super Junior’s members, Shindong, Eunhyuk, and Donghae who performed Single Ladies. In the end, the four of them performed Crazy in Love together.

He appeared again as Lady HeeHee along with other Super Junior members, Shindong, Eunhyuk, and Leeteuk at SM Entertainment’s concert SMTOWN Live World Tour in Paris. They covered the same songs as in their concerts: Poker Face, Single Ladies, and Crazy in Love.

In Super Junior’s second world tour concert, Super Show 5, from March 2013 to February 2014, Heechul made an appearance as Brown Eyed Girls’ Gain, named Hee-gain. He, along with other Super Junior members danced to SISTAR’s Alone.


In Super Junior’s third world tour concert, Super Show 6, from September 2014 to July 2015, Heechul made another appearance with other Super Junior members. They all dressed up as the Frozen character, Elsa, with various characteristics. They brought Super Junior-T’s song, Rokkugo.


Heechul appeared as Elsa like the others, but later he chose to dress up as Anna. As cited by Soompi, he revealed why he preferred Anna to Elsa from Frozen. He said that he doesn’t like girls with heavy makeup like Elsa’s and preferred Anna’s more natural look.


He also appeared as a little girl in blue.


On another occasion, Heechul appeared as a Chinese girl wearing a red Chinese dress. He looked so pretty!


He doesn’t just have a pretty face, but is also fluent in girl-group dances like the one below!