Having a Pretty Face, Check Out Super Junior’s Heechul’s Charm as a Beautiful Woman

On Solo Activities

Heechul’s famous cross-dressing does not only happen with Super Junior members but in his individual activities, too. Here are some of his appearances in various variety shows.


JTBC Knowing Brother

On March 11, 2017, Heechul posted a picture of himself and his fellow Knowing Brother MC, Kang Ho-dong. Both of them cross-dressed as exotic princesses, where Kang Ho-dong became the Egyptian princess, Cleopatra and Heechul became Nie Xiaoqian from a popular Chinese movie, A Chinese Ghost Story.

Heechul had a female role on Knowing Brothers and even named himself Heemi. So every time he shows up as a female, people call him Heemi. Here are some cuts from some episodes of Knowing Brothers!

Heemi with the others covered Pick Me from Produce 101 and look at his smooth dance!

This is when Heemi was against Zico in a game of Whether It’s True or Not, and he won.

Heemi made another appearance as a school girl on episode #140 and did a sexy dance!

Even everybody in Knowing Brothers admits his prettiness even when he isn’t cross-dressing!

MBC Make A Wish as Anna From Frozen

Before appearing in Super Show 6, Heechul had taken the role of Anna from Frozen at JTBC’s Make A Wish in August, 2014. He was with Kim Jae-kyung, who appeared as Elsa, and uploaded a photo of them together on her Instagram.


Make A Wish is a good-will program to grant others’ wishes. The first episode’s guest was Choi Seo-yeon, who suffered a rare disease which causes internal hemorrhage starting from the time she was six months old. She wished to be a queen from Frozen, which led the production team to bring Kim Jae-kyung and Heechul together as Elsa and Anna from Frozen. Check out Heechul’s appearance as Anna below!


tvN Flower Grandpa Investigation Team

Heechul was cast in a 12-episode tvN comedy-drama, Flower Grandpa Investigation Team (also known as Grandpa Over Flower Investigation Unit) in May, 2014, as Park Jung-woo. In one of the episodes, Park Jung-woo (Heechul) dressed as a schoolgirl as a disguise for an investigation.

Latest News

Recently, Heechul made his debut as a solo singer and released the digital single Old Movie on April 29, 2019. It is a rock ballad song which was composed by his fellow member, Donghae, and was written by Heechul, himself. The music video was made with the help of his other fellow member, Shindong. The single has topped on the iTunes chart in seven countries, such as El Salvador, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, Macau, Philippines, Singapore, and Malta.

To promote his solo debut, Heechul made his first talk show event, titled Universal Star Kim Hee-chul’s Talk Show HEETalk. It was held at Olympic Park in Seoul on May 4-5, 2019. The tickets were sold out in one minute through online booking.


After 13 years since debuting with Super Junior, Heechul finally made his way to being a solo singer. Let’s give him lots of support and look forward to his solo tracks and albums in the future!