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Find Out More About Korean Ballad Boy Group—HeartB

HeartB is a Korean ballad boy group under the management of MarblePop Entertainment. The group made their debut and released their debut album Remember in May 2015. Before debuting, HeartB promoted their group without any music videos or promotional events. However, due to their exceptional vocal talent, HeartB gained attention and their debut singles managed to top the music charts.

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HeartB’s Profile


HeartB consists of four members: Dojin, Jinwook, Channyeong, and Byulha. HeartB is a combination of Heart and Ballad. The group wanted to introduce ballad music that resonates in the heart of fans.



Name: Lee Dojin

Stage Name: Dojin

Date of Birth: December 28th, 1995

Height: 182 cm

Weight: 62 kg

Blood type: B

Position: Leader, vocal

Zodiac: Capricorn

Dojin Facts:

  • He looks like a teenager with an adult body
  • He was the first member to join the military service after HeartB’s disbandment
  • He has positive energy and is considered the icon of HeartB
  • His main talent is songwriting and writing calligraphy
  • He has a good leadership character
  • Dojin is the main songwriter of the group
  • He was a former member of the idol group Iconize
  • Dojin was born in Suwon city, Gyeonggi Province



Name: Kim Jinwook

Stage Name: Jinwook

Date of Birth: February 3rd, 1994

Height: 188 cm

Weight: 67 kg

Blood type: AB

Position: Vocal

Zodiac: Aquarius

Jinwook Facts:

  • Jinwook has a perfect visual, both face and body
  • He has a unique and soft voice
  • Jindo can speak Japanese and he practices Kendo
  • When he sings, his voice resembles Park Hyo-sin’s voice
  • He speaks very sharp and straight but it is only due to his dialect
  • Jinwook was born in Gyeonggi Province, Ouijongbu City



Stage Name: Chanyoung

Date of Birth: February 5th, 1995

Height: 185 cm

Weight: 65 kg

Blood type: AB

Position: Vocal

Zodiac: Aquarius

Chanyoung Facts:

  • Chanyoung is able to speak English fluently
  • He has a strong and wide vocal range
  • He has a younger sister and he loves her very much
  • Chanyoung has a single titled “Sweet Girl”
  • Chanyoung was born in Jinju city, North Gyeongsang Province
  • Chanyoung frequently uses the Seoul dialect during conversations, but his North Gyeongsang dialect comes out occasionally



Stage Name: Byulha

Date of Birth: July 13th, 1997

Height: 182 cm

Weight: 60 kg

Blood type: A

Position: Vocal, maknae

Zodiac: Cancer

Byulha facts:

  • Byulha was born in Seokcho city, Kangwon Province
  • He can sing in different kinds of vocal styles
  • Byulha has a huge curiosity about everything
  • He can play various musical instruments like piano, guitar, and drums
  • He is considered the music genius among the HeartB members
  • He loves praises from fans and friends
  • Just like Dojin, Byulha has an endlessly positive attitude
  • Byulha loves playing badminton
  • One of his specialties is songwriting
  • He collaborated with Dojin in writing the lyrics to “Pat” and “I Like You”
  • He is the youngest HeartB member
  • He can melt any Nuna fan’s heart with his cute smile
  • He is the jokester in HeartB

HeartB’s Music Video & Concept

HeartB’s music videos can be seen on their official YouTube account. Most of the music videos are about a sad break-up. Each member looks devastated by the recent break-up. The tearjerking melodies and melancholic concept bring back memories to people enduring separation from a former lover. Dojin, Chanyoung, and Jinwook sing, while Byulha plays the piano in the background.



HeartB collaborated with sports channel TV announcer, Choi Hee, when promoting their debut album. Choi Hee also promoted HeartB through her Instagram account. Due to her soft and clear voice, Choi Hee narrated some parts of the album. Netizens, especially sports fans praised Choi Hee and HeartB. Their voices are a match and they look good together. During the event, HeartB also posted a teaser video of their upcoming single.

HeartB held a promotional event in Korea’s most famous area, Kangnam. They provided a secret taxi for fans and gave no charge to fans that played their songs.

On April 25th, 2015, all members of HeartB were revealed to the public through MarblePop Entertainment’s official Facebook account. The picture of all four members was introduced after debuting, five months later.

On the pictorial post, all members look dandy and cool in black and white photography. Each member showed his personality in the picture.

The visuals of each HeartB member are excellent. The group has an average height of 184 cm and an average age of 19 years old. They looked manly with their physical and soulful with their melancholic voice.

HeartB’s music reminisces of popular Korean ballad groups such as Brown Eyed Soul, Noel, and 2AM. K-Pop fans were looking forward to the boy group with a ballad genre and sweet, soulful voices.

Sweet Her


HeartB released their latest album, Sweet Her, in 2016. Since 2016, there have been no news about showcase events or promotional activities. HeartB’s official website and social media accounts have been closed. However, fans can still watch HeartB’s music videos on their YouTube channel.

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