K-Drama Review: ‘Healer’ The Romance Between An Illegal Night Courier And A News Reporter

5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Healer

healer ji chang wook kdrama review

If you still have no incentive to watch Healer, then you should know these reasons about the interesting facts about the Healer storyline. Check out these 5 reasons why you should watch Healer.

  1. Kissing Scene That Will Make Everyone Instantly Melt
healer k drama review

Like K-Dramas of the romance genre, there must be some scenes that make the audience nervous. In Healer, there are also some scenes that make me melt. One of them is the first kiss between Healer and Chae Young-shin. This is after Young-shin saved Healer from an accident in an elevator.

  1. A Plot Twist Entwining The Leading Roles
healer k drama

The task given to Seo Jung-hoo turned out to be related to Chae Yong-shin. The task develops into someone who stalks Young-shin every day and instead leads Healer to an unexpected fact. As it turns out, Healer has a past related to Young-shin and Moon-ho. As time goes by, developments occur not only in the investigation, but also in the feelings that begin to grow between Healer and Young-shin.

  1. The ‘Night Courier’ Who Can Turn Into A Loveable Guy
healer k drama

Seo Jung-hoo has extraordinary intelligence in the world of technology, especially hacking. Whenever he went on a mission to kill people, Seo Jung-hoo used the pseudonym Healer. He became a hitman not without reason. He wanted to raise money to buy an island for him to live there alone.

But that plan changes when he gets the task of protecting a woman who is being targeted by an assassin. Some scenes when Seo Jung-hoo already knows Chae Young-shin may seem cheesy because he has just fallen in love and really wants to always be around the woman he loves as a way to protect her.

  1. Ji Chang-wook’s Visual That Can Make People Fall In Love
healer k drama

Maybe when Healer was aired, Ji Chang-wook didn’t have as many fans as he does now. However, thanks to his appearance in Healer, he gained so many fans because he also managed to play the role and character of Seo Jung-hoo who is very handsome, can do martial arts, and captured a good image of being a secret agent. Maybe some K-Drama fans who like the hopeless romantic plot will also get carried away when they see Ji Chang-wook’s visuals here because he looks like the perfect guy.

  1. Best Supporting Roles
healer k drama

Healer has also become one of the dramas with many supporting roles. One of them who can become a scene-stealer even if only as a supporting role is Jo Min-ja, the character played by Kim Mi-kyung. She played as Healer’s boss who also doubles as a hacker and helps Healer in infiltration, escapes, etc. Jo Min-ja is the most honest character and also the loudest of the audience’s voice, especially in one of the scenes when Healer starts to be unprofessional at work and she says, “I have to find a replacement for Healer as soon as possible.”

Well, that was all the information about the K-Drama review of Healer. Are you interested in watching this drama soon? Don’t forget to continue to provide support and love for every lead role that has appeared in this drama, hopefully, they can come again in another good K-Drama in the future. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media and stay tuned for more interesting articles from Channel-Korea!