K-Drama Review: ‘Healer’ The Romance Between An Illegal Night Courier And A News Reporter

Park Min-young Was Considered As ‘Ugly’ In Healer

healer k drama review

Park Min-young‘s beauty has always captivated K-Drama fans. But apparently, she also received criticism for her appearance when starring in Healer which had just finished. Park Min-young complained about not looking pretty there.

Park Min-young knew there was criticism for her messy appearance in Healer. But in the interview with Star News, she admitted that she didn’t care about the complaint. Park Min-young is giving her best act skill in playing Young-shin who is a passionate reporter.

healer k drama review

“For the first time, I didn’t think about myself and focused on my role. From clothes, makeup to fashion, I adapted everything to my character,” she explained. “Because I went all out, I received a lot of sharp criticism. Because my character doesn’t care about her appearance and her life is busy, so I filmed that way,” she said.

“I just laughed reading comments like ‘I thought she was beautiful, but her beauty has faded’, ‘I didn’t know she was that ugly’ or ‘She underwent surgery to be uglier?’,” Park Min-young said.

healer k drama review

Park Min-young herself admitted that she prefers to act freely without worrying about camera angles that will make her look ugly. In fact, the actress of the Sungkyunkwan Scandal series regrets not being indifferent from the start in the acting world.

“The more I was absorbed in acting without thinking about the camera angle, everything felt free and comfortable,” she said. “By not worrying about wanting to look beautiful, I’m freer as an actress so I regret that I didn’t do this earlier. Because I’m relaxed so I don’t have weird thoughts. Acting feels like fun,” she concluded.

The Healer Final Episode Received Low Rating

healer k drama review

With a heavy heart, fans had to let go of Healer which ended on February 2nd, 2015. The drama, starring Ji Chang-wook, was only able to occupy the last rating position, but still with an extraordinary review.

Not only an exciting plot that hits social issues, but the acting of the Healer stars also gets a thumbs up. Since the premiere of this KBS drama, it had to deal with strong competitors such as Pride And Prejudice, Shine or Go Crazy, and Secret Door.

healer k drama review

The rating obtained by Healer is indeed quite colorful, having ranked first, second and last. The drama, which also stars Park Min-young, was recorded to have received a rating of 7.9% and 9.0% in the last week of broadcast.

Another drama that also aired on the same day was indeed quite strong and even penetrated dozens of ratings. As reported by MWave, Punch is still perched in the first rating position for Monday-Tuesday Korean dramas with 12.7% and 11.9% achievements. Unfortunately, this figure is not much different from the Shine or Go Crazy rating, which shot from 9.3% to 11.0%.