Here Are The Details About The Sexual Harassment Case Involving American Rapper CupcakKe Towards BTS’ Jungkook

We Have Some *Tea* to Spill

As we all know, BTS’s popularity is no joke. We’re not only about among the Korean population–which, of course, includes a massive number of ARMYs–but they’re also very popular the rest of the world! In recent years, we have seen how much the group’s fandom has grown, becoming a global phenomenon. Its members range from ordinary people to the famous people like American celebrities.

While all of those are, of course, very flattering, there have also been some unpleasant experiences for the group, and cultural clashes amongst the fandom that involved one of the BTS members, Jungkook, (the maknae) and his major fan from America, rapper CupcakKe. ARMYs claim that CupcakKe was sexually harassing Jungkook in some of her tweets. If you are curious about the full story about the incident, don’t worry, we’re gonna spill all the tea about this scandal. Scroll down to keep reading!


First Things First; Who Is CupcakKe?

If you’re not familiar with the name, that’s probably because of her music is too strong for you or not your cup of tea. As a rapper, she mostly relies on her strong sexual image and message in delivering her songs.

Cupcakke (often stylized as CupcakKe) was born on May 31, 1997, with the name Elizabeth Eden Harris (born May 31, 1997). She is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter from Chicago, Illinois. She first began her career as a rapper by releasing material online late in 2012.

In 2015, two of her songs, “Deepthroat” and “Vagina”, went viral on video-sharing websites such as YouTube and WorldStarHipHop. Her debut mixtape, Cum Cake (2016), featured those songs and later placed at #23 in Rolling Stone‘s “Best Rap Albums of 2016” list.

After a successful debut, she released her second mixtape, S.T.D (Shelters to Deltas), in 2016 and was once again included in Rolling Stones June 2016 list of the “Best Rap Albums of 2016 So Far”. On top of that, she has also received attention from the music publications Complex and The Fader.

She finally debuted her album Audacious in 2016, following the release of her mixtapes. And one year later, her second studio album, Queen Elizabitch, was released in 2017. The same goes for the next year, where it was followed by her third studio album, Ephorize, and her 4th album, Eden.

CupcakKe is notorious for her hyper-sexualized, brazen, and often comical persona and music. Since her debut, she has developed a strong online fanbase, whom she called “slurpers”. She also often used her songs as a platform to advocate for LGBT rights and encourage female empowerment. She stated proudly in a 2017 interview: “Anything guys can do, girls can, and most of the time, they’re out there working harder and doing it better”

Here, take a listen on one of her most famous songs, which has gained 33M listeners on YouTube.


Tweeting About BTS’s Jungkook

In 2017, CupcakKe found herself under fire after gaining attention for making a series of disturbing tweets.

The American rapper revealed herself to be a fan of BTS’s maknae, Jungkook. However, her love for the K-Pop idol is unwelcome by many ARMYs. The reason? Her sexual tweets.

She first tweeted on November 3, 2017, “Cancelled my dick appointment untill I see if jungkook wants to get some or not.”

Then she continued, “Jungkook stan mad I said imma f*ck Jungkook.. lmao I said what I said and I meant that sh*t.”

It didn’t stop there. She continued with another tweet, “You mad I want to f*ck him? If he tweeted I want to f*ck cupcakKe, why would I get mad? I will let him stick his dick in my mouth GOODNIGHT.”

At this point, BTS fans had clearly expressed that they were highly disturbed by her tweets, and thought it was sexually harassing, but she didn’t stop. CupcakKe again tweeted, “Said I want to f*ck Jungkook. And I meant that sh*t, I’m waiting on his number now.”


In response to the hate on her tweets, CupcakKe fired back with criticism toward ARMY, and said, “Jungkook fan base are on my Instagram telling me to kill myself making some of the sickest comments ever, what a very disturbing fanbase.”

(Most of her original tweets are currently unavailable due to Twitter restriction)


ARMY Fires Back At CupcakKe

Offended by CupcakKe’s series of tweets, ARMYs all over the world were being protective over Jungkook. They began spamming CupcakKe’s Twitter with a lot of rude and racist messages. Not only on Twitter, but CupcakKe also said that BTS fans were attacking her on Instagram, telling her to die by suicide.

Even two years after those tweets, ARMYs still haven’t forgotten, and kept sending death threats toward CupcakKe, to the point that CupcaKke was actually considering killing herself.

In her recent tweet in 2019, CupcakKe was claiming that she was going to commit suicide and later was admitted to a hospital after police responded to her Tweet.

As many fans left desperate messages for Cupcakke to take care of her health and safety, a couple of alleged BTS fan accounts left disrespectful messages underneath her Tweet.

One account claimed that CupcakKe deserved it after “harassing Jungkook.”

The disrespectful Tweets were circulated widely as netizens quickly shamed K-Pop fans for their rude response towards a critical situation.

Other K-Pop fans have risen up to clarify that the majority of the fandoms do not agree with the disrespectful Tweets. They want others to know that K-Pop fans send their condolences and best wishes for Cupcakke’s safety.

So, that is all the tea about the sexual harassment tweets involving rapper CupcakKe and BTS’s Jungkook. What are your thoughts regarding this case? Tell us in the comment box below!