Happy Happy (2019) by Twice



Happy Happy (2019) by Twice

Artist Twice
Album / Mini-album &Twice
Release Date July 17, 2019
Length 3:26
Label Warner Music Japan
  • Yu Shimoji
  • Lee Woo-min “collapsedone”
  • Val Del Prete
  • Eric Sanicola
Composer Collapsedone, Val Del Prete, Eric Sanicola
Genre J-pop


“Happy Happy” is Twice‘s fourth Japanese single without an album. On April 6th, 2019, JYP announced that Twice would soon be releasing a single titled “Happy Happy”. The single is a J-Pop genre and was only released in Japanese.

The single “Happy Happy” was officially released with a music video on June 11th, 2019, on Twice’s Official Japanese YouTube channel. The teaser was published the day before the MV was released. The “Happy Happy” teaser shows the members holding umbrellas of various colors with happy and cheerful expressions.

This Japanese single was released digitally on June 12th, 2019, and the CD single was later released on June 17th by Warner Music Japan. “Happy Happy” is a song that tells about the happy feelings of falling in love. The happiness that this song wants to convey can be felt from the cheerful melody and lyrics.

Background of “Happy Happy” by Twice

Twice’s fourth Japanese single was written by Japanese lyricist Yu Shimoji. “Happy Happy” was composed by Van Del Prete, Eric Sanicola, and Woo Min Lee “Collapsedone”. Collapsedone is a JYP Entertainment songwriter and music producer who has contributed greatly in composing many of Twice’s hit songs. Other than “Happy Happy”, he has also composed several other popular Twice songs, such as “What Is Love?”, “Knock Knock”, “Feel Special”, and “The Best Thing I Ever Did”.

“Happy Happy” is very similar to most of the Twice songs. This song expresses the joy of falling in love. Twice almost always express joy through the lyrics and melodies of their songs. You can also feel the typical joy of Twice in the “Happy Happy” song.

Very Interesting Lyrics Repetition

Repetition of the main lyrics of a song is one way that can make us remember the song better. The song “Happy Happy” also uses some distinctive lyrics in the intro and chorus parts. These lyrics also make “Happy Happy” sound brighter and more cheerful.


The song starts with the verse, “Lanla lanlan Lanlan lala (Hey!)” which is repeated three times, and continues with the verse, “I wanna be with you.” In addition to the intro, the part of the lyrics that has become the main point of this song is in the chorus section: “I feel happy happy happy (You You).” The main parts in the chorus are enough to make listeners understand the theme of the song, which is the feeling of happiness from falling in love.

Colorful And Bright Music Video

Not only from the lyrics and melody of this song, but you can also see this song is a cheerful song from its very colorful music video. The concept of the music video with a colorful background and costumes in the “Happy Happy” music video is similar to the music videos for “Likey” and “What Is Love?” In addition to the bright and colorful background and costumes, the “Happy Happy” music video also features a lot of CG.

The “Happy Happy” MV was released on Twice’s Official Japanese YouTube channel on June 11th, 2019, and has been watched more than 49 million times.

Dahyun’s Mint Green Hair

In accordance with the concept of a bright, cheerful, and colorful music video, the members also wear costumes in bright colors. However, not only costumes, but Dahyun also appeared with mint green hair color.


Mint green hair makes Dahyun’s pale white skin brighter. Dahyun’s new hair color makes a great impact on the “Happy Happy” music video concept. Her mint green hair successfully stole the attention of fans and made the music video for this song look more artistic and colorful.

Performed On NHK Shibuya Note

NHK is a Japanese public broadcaster based in Shibuya, Tokyo. On September 7th, 2019, Twice performed “Happy Happy” and their fifth Japanese single “Breakthrough” on NHK Shibuya Notes. Twice performed live based on requests from fans at NHK Hall.

In addition to NHK Shibuya Note, Twice also performed “Happy Happy” during their Japan Tour Twice World Tour 2019–2020 Twicelights. The tour started on October 23rd, 2019, in Sapporo. “Happy Happy” was first performed on Music Station’s 2-Hour Special Episode on July 5th, 2019.

Twice Dance Making Video In Hawaii

Not just a music video, Twice also released a video titled “Twice Happy Happy Dance Making Video In Hawaii”. The video was released on July 16th, 2019. The atmosphere of joy during summer is clearly illustrated in the music video. The 1-minute-21-second-long video only shows a small part of the “Happy Happy” song with the members dancing to the choreography.

Ranked 2nd On The Oricon Singles Chart


Like other Twice songs, “Happy Happy” also received a very good response from fans. The debut CD single “Happy Happy” ranked second on the daily Oricon Singles Chart with 114,905 units sold on the day of its release. The song also debuted at Number 2 on Billboard Japan with sales of 302,963 units on July 15–21 2019. Daebak!