All About Happy Face Entertainment: Home to Girl-Group Dalshabet and Dreamcatcher

Happy Face Entertainment Auditions

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Just like the other entertainment agency in South Korea, Happy Face Entertainment is also open for global auditions. You can freely access it on their website by going to Happy Face Ent Website. Then, go to the audition section.

In the audition section, you can see the Terms and Conditions to join the global audition. The audition is always open and to apply to it, you just need to upload your video, application, and photo then send it to [email protected] The video is either a video of you singing, rapping, or dancing as you want to apply. You can download the application file, which is available on the bottom of the page. And finally, you should attach three photos of yourself (face, upper torso, whole body).

There are three steps to the screening process. The first is an online screening, then, if you are chosen, you’ll be contacted to do a site audition, and if you are chosen again, you’ll be on your final audition. Don’t worry, those who pass the audition will be contacted individually. So, if you already applied the audition, you must be patient.


Hottest News

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Let’s move on to Happy Face Entertainment’s hottest news as a closing. Do you guys remember the survival program, MIXNINE? Well, maybe this will remind you.

MIXNINE is a South Korean survival reality event aired by JTBC. In the program, YG Entertainment founder and producer, Yang Hyun-suk, visited music agencies throughout Korea to look for the new K-pop stars. This program is about a competition between a male team and a female team, and the winning group will debut as idols.

The hot news is that Happy Face sued YG Entertainment for MIXNINE’s failed debut. In June, 2018, Happy Face Entertainment submitted a lawsuit against YG Entertainment for 10 million won (~$9,000 USD). Happy Face claimed that YG Entertainment led the program, JTBC’s MIXNINE, with the influence of being a top 3 entertainment company, but failed to uphold the contractual agreements.

On November 28, 2018, YG Entertainment would face off with Happy Face for the arguments related to the lawsuit filed against YG Entertainment by Happy Face Entertainment for damages, and the proceedings were held at the Seoul Central District Court.

During the proceedings, a representative of Happy Face Entertainment brought up YG Entertainment’s newest survival show YG Treasure Box, as the show has a lot of similarities with MIXNINE, which didn’t end up well.

The court decided that it would proceed with the lawsuit and hold the next date of argument on January 16, 2019. So, what do you think about it guys?