Happy Birthday, S.Coups! Take a Look at How Seventeen Members Have Fun Celebrating Their Leader’s Birthday!


Compared to previous years, 2016 seemed to be the most sentimental birthday for our dear leader. During the summer of 2016, Seventeen embarked on their first Asia tour with concerts in Korea and Japan, and fan meetings in Singapore, Manila, Jakarta, Bangkok, Melbourne, Sydney, Auckland, Kowloon, Beijing, and Taipei. While stopping over in Japan for several concerts, one of the dates overlapped with S.Coups’ birthday. This led a surprise birthday event organized by fans and staff.


During the concert’s encore set, staff brought out a cake adorned in candles as a way to celebrate S.Coups’ birthday. The members and fans who attended sang along to Happy Birthday to cheer S.Coups on as he blew out his candles and proceeded with his ending comments. In his speech, he expressed his gratitude for Carats, Seventeen’s fans, for always caring for him and thanking them for wanting to spend time with him on his birthday.


Like previous members who had a birthday, S.Coups followed up his stint at the concert with a VLive broadcast from his hotel room. At first, he began the VLive alone, in order to update fans about his birthday, expressing how he felt during the birthday event at the concert, and just chatting with fans. Midway through the broadcast, members Mingyu, Jeonghan, Joshua, and Dino surprised the leader with a cake made of pastry and candles on top, once again surprising him and wishing him the best birthday. The celebration was innately special, as S.Coups were congratulated by fellow 95-line members, Jeonghan and Joshua, whom he is close with.


Like previous years, S.Coups did another VLive broadcast on his birthday in 2017, yet, unlike it, Seventeen’s official Twitter posted this special picture on the morning of his birthday.

The picture above aims to imitate the popular TV show Abnormal Summit, which features foreigners in Korea debating about both domestic and international issues. Seventeen imitated the vibe perfectly, with sharp suits that are usually worn for their stage performances. At the time, Seventeen had just finished up their third concert, Diamond Edge, and was about to embark on their second world tour. The set-up was definitely the perfect down-time, allowing the members to bond and connect in the middle of busy schedules.


Once again, in 2018, S.Coups’ birthday overlapped with the tail end of ‘Oh My’ promotions, so not only did he do a VLive broadcast as in previous years, there was also a surprise awaiting at Seventeen’s Oh My special GV event. Seventeen started doing GV events, or short for a special viewing event held for fans, at the tail end of promotions for Thanks,  back in February 2018. In these events, Seventeen usually shows special performances, reacts to past performances and music videos, and does a question and answer event. Fans think of it as being like a fan meeting in a cinema theatre at the end of every promotion.

As the GV was held three days away from S.Coups’ upcoming birthday, members and staff once again staged a birthday surprise, that includes turning off the lights at the end of all the members’ comments, in which S.Coups was last to go as he is the leader of the group. As the lights went off, Dino entered the stage with another lit cake, approaching S.Coups, who sat in the middle, while fans and member alike sang Happy Birthday. The cake was brought to S.Coups and he blew out the candles.

Right afterward, Dino asked him about his birthday wish, but the other members told him that it’s not something you share to begin with, as people believe that if you share them with others, the wish won’t come true. S.Coups ended everything with sweet words regarding the promotions and how Carats should anticipate their upcoming return with a comeback real soon. So what do you think of how Seventeen celebrates S.Coups’ birthday? Was it exciting to watch as a fan? Do you await his live broadcasts every year on August 8th? Comment your thoughts and opinions below!