Happy Birthday, S.Coups! Take a Look at How Seventeen Members Have Fun Celebrating Their Leader’s Birthday!


Seventeen Leader’s Most Cherished Day!

Seventeen is one of the biggest groups promoting today with 13 active members that are divided into 3 units: Vocal Unit, Performance Unit, and Hip Hop Unit. This makes for a quite hectic day-to-day life for the group, as everything has to account for all 13 members such as their dorms, which are split into two big dorms; their transportation, having three big vans transport them to all their schedules; and meal expenses, that could reach as high as US$600 a day. Not only that, accounting for all the members’ birthdays averaged out, it would come close to having one birthday in each month, making their birthdays an anticipated event for both the members and fans.

One of the members that has quite an interesting celebration for their birthday is Seventeen’s leader S.Coups. It is only by coincidence that S.Coups birthday often overlaps with Seventeen’s schedules, whether it be their promotions or a concert tour. S.Coups also makes it a habit of his to always communicate with the fans his and update them on his life on his birthday through live broadcasts. Let’s check out some of his most iconic birthdays over the years!

His Birthday Celebrations Throughout The Years


Before Seventeen officially debuted under Pledis in 2015, the group was already very famous for their practice-room live broadcast, titled 17tv. The broadcast is done on UStream three times a week, and usually covers their day-to-day practice and evaluations. They also often play games and communicate with fans, since they don’t always practice on camera. In one instance, broadcast as part of 17tv Season 3 in the summer of 2013, S.Coups brought out a cake to the practice room as a way to celebrate his birthday.

As seen above, at first S.Coups brought out a cake from a different practice room already lit with several candles. He then passes it on to another member as he blows out the candle as a way to officiate his birthday celebration. The cake was then placed in front of the main camera for him and the other members to enjoy, starting from he himself, Woozi and Dino. S.Coups first acted as though he didn’tt want to share the cake with the other members, but then started asking the others, who were playing a card game, to join him.

What’s funny about the scene is that the members excitedly munched on the cake using metal chopsticks. The members happily passed on metal chopsticks in order to eat the cake, something that is usually consumed using a fork. This led to some fans commenting on the live broadcast with excited remarks. Another thing that was seen on the video above, is the members consumed all of the cake in less than 10 minutes, a feat in itself, as they are consuming a standard sized round cake.


Seventeen made their debut in May of 2015, with the hit song ‘Adore U’. This debut proved to be such a success that the group has grown quite a following on social media. They could often be seen posting about their daily lives and behind the scenes looks at their choreography, but they definitely made sure to update their fans on each of the members’ birthday.s

On S.Coups’ first birthday after Seventeen’s debut, the group spent time, once again, eating cake in their company’s practice room. They made sure to post on their Twitter account, commemorating the moment. The birthday boy is situated in the center, with what seems to be a round chocolate cake once more, with the members surrounding him. It also seems that the group have only finished practicing and is celebrating the birthday after they wrapped up their schedules.

Not only did the group update on Twitter, they also only recently opened an official Instagram account. Instead of a picture, the group updated fans with a video where they acted out a scene, as if the members were worshipping S.Coups like a mafia boss. S.Coups sat in the middle of where the other members stood two rows, bowing. The twist at the end is that S.Coups turned out to only be a bystander, sitting in Dino’s seat, the group’s youngest member and the real mafia in the skit.