Not Only SOPA, Hanlim Multi Arts School is Also a School For Many Idols! Find Out More About It, Here!

Hanlim Multi Art School is for K-Pop Idols?

Being a famous idol in South Korea is a dream of many teenagers because, according to them, establishing a career in the entertainment industry can make them successful. Several schools support their students in achieving that success, which helps these young aspiring teenagers become well-known idols. Among those schools is Hanlim Multi Art School, or commonly called Hanlim.

In this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with all the information about Hanlim Multi Art School. This school is located in Songpa District in Seoul, South Korea. Hanlim Multi Art School has been established on March 3rd, 1960, with principal Lee Hyeon-man. Other than SOPA, Hanlim is another famous school that nurtures youngsters into becoming famous idols. In February 2019, many famous idols graduated from Hanlim Multi Art School, such as TICEZU and Chaeyeong from TWICE, Kim Chae-won from IZ*ONE, Sanha from ASTRO, Chaeyoung from Formis_9, Hwall and Sunwoo from The Boyz, Jisung, and Hyunwoo from TRCNG, Anne from GWSN, Eunbyeol from LIPBUBBLE, Miso from DreamNote, Go Yujin, Son Eunchae, and Han Chowon from Produce 48, Jinkwon from NEWKIDD.

Well, want to know more about Hanlim Multi Art School? Stay tuned!

Hanlim Multi Art School, School For Many Idols

Hanlim Multi Art School is located in Songpa District in Seoul, South Korea. The school was established on March 3rd, 1960, with the principal Lee Hyeon-man. Hanlim Multi Art School is known as one of the schools that produces the best graduates in the arts. This school really provides perfect and complete facilities to support the achievement of their students. Hanlim Multi Art School has also given birth to many famous idols. Indeed, the cost of entering Hanlim Multi Art School is quite expensive, but all of that is quite worth it and paid off by all the facilities the school offers and the success rate of its students as famous and accomplished idols.

Hanlim Multi Art School: Tuition Fee

The tuition fee requested by Hanlim is indeed not cheap at all. It is quite expensive to enroll in Hanlim Multi Art School. According to the founder, Lee Hyun-man, he reckons that the Korean educational system allows for too many young people with talent to slip through the net. Lee Hyun-man said, “Many people still have biased views regarding who should dance and who should play pop music, so many students have difficulties in believing in themselves, especially if they are attending a normal high school and some of them quit studying or are forced to leave school. However, if you get closer to them, you can find them very creative and smart. They are not failures; our society fails to educate them in public education. Our school is to help them become well-rounded entertainers.”

Hanlim Multi Art School targets young people who are to become singers, actors, dancers, and musicians; to equip them with the practical skills and know-how to make it in the entertainment industry. Tuition fees at Hanlim are around 950.000 won for three months, or around 10.000.000 won a year. Hanlim Multi Art School also helps set up auditions with entertainment agencies for their students.

Hanlim Multi Art School: Courses

Broadcasting and Entertainment Department


The Department of Performing Arts is preparing for the practice through training based on fieldwork intending to train professional broadcasting actors and performers who are the main players of the multi-media era. To understand and realize media performances, we intensify the majors of advanced majors, practice classes, and production lessons. Hanlim Multi Art School also hires and employs work-oriented teachers and lecturers to help students advance to college and enter the field. Therefore, they want to cultivate the artistic qualities as an artist and explore various career paths in broadcasting entertainment, such as performers, announcers, MCs, reporters, comedians.

Musical Theatre Department


The center of performing arts in modern society is Musical. The musical market, which has been gradually growing since the 90s, has become a premier performance market in the 2000s and is a performing arts industry expected to become more prosperous in the future. In response to this trend, many universities have opened musical departments and majors and cultivated professional staff since the 2000s. Like the United States and Britain, which are very advanced when it comes to musicals, there are institutions in Korea that specialize in musical education from high school.

Hanlim Musical Department is currently the largest musical department in Korea with 160 students in grades 1, 2, and 3, and is a pioneer in the domestic arts high school music department. In the Hanlim Musical Department, they teach musicals and all the necessary parts for various performances.

Similarly, as in ordinary high schools, students study standard curriculum subjects and do systematic education on singing, acting, and dancing, major subjects. They can be competitive in various performing arts fields and college admissions on the musical stage. More than 30 instructors active in musicals and performing arts are responsible for helping students enter college and performances.

Practical Dance Department


Practical Dance Department, which is the first in Korea to have a high school course, such as popping, locking, waist, hip-hop, house, b-boy, etc., specializes in street dancing and pure dance, such as modern dance, ballet, Korean dance, the aim is to train a star.

Applied Music Department


Practical musical education is based on practical classical musical education courses offered in most music colleges and other schools, and the professional field practice education through performance training and commercial practice for commercial music.
Through these processes, they perform various activities as professional musicians and musicians and as producers of various cultural contents. They are actively engaged in various industries related to music and music.

By strengthening the horizontal connection with the music industry, we are cultivating human resources with various skills and functions to meet the needs of continuously changing industrial sites and universities educated accordingly. Department of Music Practical Music, Composition and Creative Studying sound editing and other similar departments and related departments.

Fashion Model Department


The field of fashion models, which act as a medium of fashion and popular culture, is a field with unlimited potential, and models are distributed to many universities nationwide now. The school has opened a fashion model course in Korea for the first time in the high school course, and young people who are trying to discover their dreams early can get the theoretical, practical, and on-the-spot classes in various fields through the best faculty members in each field.

The fashion model strives for the best education to cultivate an entertaining and healthy leader who will lead the future fashion and model world like the leader of the model that stands out in various fields and nurtures experts in related fields.

Film Making Department


The Department of Film-making teaches the whole process of planning and producing films, TV, CF, and music video. The video production department aims to nurture professional image production professionals who have a creative and artistic sensibility that suits the media age.

To this end, they focus on strengthening the thinking and creativity of students by conducting specialized practical training, such as basic photography, photography lighting, digital video, broadcast video, scenarios, and production exercises. Through production exercises, individual students can build detailed and concrete production experiences in each field of video production. Also, during the vacation, students participate in video production internships to major in professional production.

Hanlim Multi Art School: Uniforms

Hanlim High School uniform for boys.

Hanlim High School uniform for girls.

Well, what do you think about their uniform? They look adorable, right? With navy and grey, also a bit gold for the Hanlim symbol. Do you want to wear this kind of uniform?

Hanlim Multi Art School: Graduation

On February 12th, 2019, graduation ceremonies were held for Hanlim Multi Art School. Check this out!

Tzuyu and Chaeyeong from TWICE. Chaeyoung also revealed, “our fellow members congratulated us this morning. Nayeon gave us flowers with handwritten cards. I was touched.”

Kim Chae-won from IZ*ONE. Kim Chae-won said, “I sincerely thank everyone who has congratulated me on graduating, as I have become an adult now, I want to show more maturity as IZ*ONE and Kim Chae-won, and I want to impress people by improving myself in various areas.”

Sanha from ASTRO. Members of ASTRO, Rocky, Moonbin, and JinJin, all of which are graduates of Hanlim Multi Art School, attended the graduation ceremony supporting Sanha.

Chaeyoung from formis_9. She said, “When I entered school three years ago, my goal was to debut. I am so happy to have debuted as fromis_9 and to attend graduation with my members. Congratulations to the many people graduating today, and I will work to impress with fromis_9 again this year.”

Hwall and Sunwoo from THE BOYZ.

Bomin from Golden Child. Another Golden Child member, like Daeyeol, Jaehyun, and Tag, attended the ceremony in support of their youngest member Bomin.

Anne from GWJSN.

Eunbyeol from LIPBUBBLE.

Miso from DreamNote. The other members attended the ceremony to support Miso’s graduation.

This year, the graduation for Hanlim Multi Art School was held on February 7th, 2020. Here are some idols who graduate this year!

Jeon Somi

Jeon Somi, soloist and ex-member of I.O.I is one of the students who graduate from Hanlim this year.

Lee Eui Woong.

Lee Eui Woong.

GWSN 's MinJu.

GWSN ‘s MinJu.

Busters ' Hyeong Seo.

Busters ‘ Hyeong Seo.

S.I.S 's Se Bin.

S.I.S ‘s Se Bin.

Woollim Boy's Joo Chang Uk

Woollim Boy’s Joo Chang Uk

ITZY 's Ryu Jin & Chae Ryeong

ITZY ‘s Ryu Jin & Chae Ryeong also graduate from Hanlim this year.

ITZY 's Ryu Jin & Chae Ryeong



Kim Cho Yeon.

Kim Cho Yeon.

GSA’s Yu Jin.

GSA's Yu Jin

Finally, there is SATURDAY ‘s Ju Yeon, who also graduated from Hanlim this year.