All About the Relationship Between EXID’s Hani and Super Junior’s Heechul

Heechul and Hani together

The Truth About EXID’s Hani and Super Junior’s Heechul

EXID’s Hani and Super Junior’s Heechul are known to be close to each other since their first meeting being MCs together for a while. Off-stage and off-camera, they remain close as friends and maybe have even been destined to be together as friends. Let’s find out more about Hani and Heechul’s relationship.

Hani and Heechul’s Moments Together

Heechul and Hani moment

Hani and Heechul first met each other on the 2015 KBS show A Style For YouAlong with KARA’s Hara and SISTAR’s Bora, they were sharing fashion tips as fashion trendsetters among other celebrities. Although their first meeting was awkward, Heechul was able to help Hani to go through the hard times with her personality and habits that are different from other women’s.

Hani and Heechul became the MC’s substitute for Jeong Hyeong-don on MBC’s Weekly Idol, for episode 245-270, 275, and 300. Their chemistry together from the previous show also brought a unique charm to the show and made them become the new permanent MCs for a while.


Hani and Heechul’s Relationship Trivia

Heechul and Hani relationship
  1. They first met hosting the show A Style For You, together with KARA’s Hara and SISTAR’s Bora on KBS, in 2015.
  2. They became the hosts of the MBC show Weekly Idol for several episodes accompanying Defconn while Jeong Hyeong-don was absent for the time being.
  3. They once slept together, along with Bora, for the KBS show A Style for You. It was revealed for the first time through JTBC’s Knowing Brother, and made another host claim to have a wrong perception.
  4. Hani saved Super Junior’s number as Daddy Long-Leg because Heechul helped Hani a lot during her hard times.
  5. Heechul was able to adjust to Hani’s masculine personality.
  6. Hani fell for Heechul’s handsome appearance.
  7. They were known as the “Hee Siblings”.
  8. Ahn Heechul was Hani’s nickname during her school days because of her masculine appearance that resembled like Heechul’s.
  9. Hani was crying while saying farewell, after being the MC for MBC’s Weekly Idol and got a bucket and a gift from the staff, which made Defconn and Heechul panic and they tried to calm her down.
  10. Hani is strong enough to lift Heechul.


Friendship Goals Between Hani and Heechul

Friendship goal between exid hani and sj heechul

Although many people, even fans of both EXID and Super Junior, worship them as a couple in real life, however, they remain to be close friends until now. There is no official news regarding their relationship status and many people hope they are a real couple.