Meet Haneul, Sexy Model and CEO of Online Lingerie Store

CEO of Haneul Haneul


Before she started her online business, she’d already gained a lot of attention through her career as a lingerie model, and also as a content creator on YouTube. She shared a lot of beauty and lifestyle content in her own YouTube channel, then started developing her own business afterward, with the Haneul Haneul brand.

Haneul Haneul

Basically, Haneul Haneul’s products include lingerie, bikinis, and various other products, specifically, bras, panties, shapewear, fitness, pajamas, and other clothes. All of the products are sold in the official online store,, or you can check out their Instagram, @haneul_haneul! Moreover, Ha Neul is also the exclusive model of the brand.

Haneul Haneul has become popular, given the well-known CEO, and the items they sell become best-sellers due to the classy models and the nice color choices! Moreover, the prices are affordable. One of the outfits only cost ₩25.000 (about $20.00 USD).

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Peach C

Not only does she own Haneul Haneul, but Ha Neul also launched her own cosmetic brand, Peach C! She launched the brand because of her passion for beauty and modeling. Peach C sells lip products, cheek products, eye products, face products, and also skincare products.

Peach C products can be purchased at their official online store,, or you can check out their Instagram account, @peachc_official. Just like Haneul Haneul, the Peach C product prices are affordable.

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Haneul’s Latest News


Currently, Ha Neul is continuing her career as a model, and also remains focused on her Haneul Haneul and Peach C brands. She plans on working hard at creating new products for her makeup brand and trying hard to keep her customers around the world satisfied, according to a magazine interview.

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That was all of the information about the sexiest model and CEO of her own online lingerie store, Ha Neul! We are pleased to share her story, with such good experience in both her careers. Let’s hope for another upcoming project from Ha Neul and please support her in any kind of way!

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