Meet Haneul, Sexy Model and CEO of Online Lingerie Store


Get To Know More About The Sexy Model, Ha Neul!

Do you know about the model Ha Neul? If her name doesn’t seem familiar, don’t worry because we will help you get to know her better! Ha Neul is a role model in South Korea, many young women want to be like her, and have been inspired by her hard work and the success she’s achieved at a relatively young age.

Ha Neul, famously stylized as Haneul, was a very well-known model in South Korea. She has been involved in a lot of photoshoots with various brands and collaborated with various photographers, often modeling bras and lingerie. In addition to her work as a model she has her own lingerie brand! Would you like to know more about her? Through this article, Channel Korea has introduced you the hottest model and online store founder, Ha Neul!

Haneul’s Profile


First of all, let’s get to know Ha Neul better through her profile.

Birth Name: Ha Neul

Date of Birth: January 3rd, 1993

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Age: 26 (International age) / 27 (Korean age)

Nationality: Korean

Height: 160 cm

Weight: 45 kg

Instagram: @haneulina

YouTube: Haneul

Interesting Facts About Haneul

  • Ha Neul used to famously known as ulzzangĀ (best face) in South Korea
  • She was a famous model, especially for bra and lingerie collections
  • Currently, she lives in the US, in Atlanta, Georgia
  • She became a young entrepreneur by launching her own lingerie brand, Haneul Haneul
  • she’s best friends with Yoon Ara, Song Lee, and Hana Reum
  • She was inspired by her occupation as the lingerie model, which is why she launched her own lingerie brand
  • She also models for her own brand, Haneul Haneul

Haneul’s Sexy Photoshoot


Ha Neul started her career as a model, especially for bras and lingerie. She has been involved in a lot of photoshoots, and most of them were both sexy and classy. No wonder, with her pure, innocent face and well-proportioned body, she became one of the most sought-after models in the industry.

At first, Ha Neul started to become more widely recognized after people saw her in a photoshoot for a lingerie brand. One of her pictures is down below:


Her popularity started rapidly rising ever since. Currently, Ha Neul is known as one of the exclusive and classic models for night apparel, bikinis, lingerie and underwear.

Let’s take a look at some of Ha Neul’s sexy photoshoots here:

  1. In the army green one-paired underwear, she looks sporty!

2. With messy bed sheets as her background, red lipstick on her lips, and a set of grey lingerie, Ha Neul was looking effortlessly beautiful!


3. With natural makeup and a white bikini. Ha Neul looks pure and innocent.


4. Please welcome a beautiful woman surrounded by flowers, Ha Neul!


5. Black hair and a white outfit are the best combination for Ha Neul, right?


6. One of our choices for Ha Neul’s best photoshoots, she looked beautiful here!


7. Ha Neul was looked like a beautiful goddess here!


8. Who has fallen in love with Ha Neul’s outfit?


9. The cutest model alive, Ha Neul!


10. Dark hair with black lingerie, another perfect match for Ha Neul!