Handsome Idols That Debuted More Than Five Years Ago: Junsu, Yunho, Doojoon, etc.


Let’s Meet These Charming Idols Who Debuted a Long Time Ago

South Korea has offered K-Pop entertainment for a long time now. Some of the artists started early and have gotten more popular by now. Normally, they would be training for a while, until they have reached a certain level of competence and then, they are ready to become idols, either as performers or actors and actresses. In this Channel-Korea article, we are going to provide you information about handsome idols who debuted more than five years ago. Keep reading!

JYJ’s Junsu


Kim Junsu was an original member of TVXQ which means he debuted back in 2003. His journey to debut was not an easy and short one. At the age of eleven, he took part in the 6th Annual Starlight Casting System and later he got offered to sign a contract with SM Entertainment to become a trainee. After signing the contract with SM, he was a trainee there for six years.

Junsu filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment claiming an unfair and disadvantageous treatment toward him. Later, he and two other members of TVXQ won the lawsuit and SM was suspended from their contract in October 2009. Afterward, they made a new group named JYJ. SM Entertainment was not to interfere with their solo activities and additionally, on July 31st, 2009, SM finally agreed to end their contract, thus refraining from any interfering with their activities in South Korea.

Kim Junsu began his solo career in 2010 with the release of the Japanese EP Xiah, which surprisingly reached the number-two position on Japan’s Oricon singles chart. He also released his album in an English version, and later on, in a Korean version.


The photo below is from when he made his solo debut. Compared to how he looks now, his appearance is still as handsome as ever, with the only difference being his hairstyle and fashion style.




Below is a photo of his performance from his comeback as a member of JYJ.


HIGHLIGHT’s Doo-joon


Yoon Doo-joon is a South Korean singer and actor. He is the leader of the South Korean boy band Highlight. He started his journey in the entertainment world even before officially debuting by joining Mnet’s documentary Hot Blooded Men, the reality show that prepared the debut of 2AM and 2PM, but he got eliminated. Then he became a trainee in the talent agency JYP Entertainment.

After a while, he moved to Cube Entertainment, and became the rapper in AJ and released the song “Wipe the Tears.” Then, he debuted as the leader of the boy band Beast. Their debut journey was followed by the MTV documentary MTV B2ST.

Recently, Doo Yoon enlisted in the military on August 24th, 2018. He got praised and awarded for his military duty for his good performance; he got promotion to get higher rank only after the first three months.

His handsome appearance is no different from before debut even though several years have passed. His modern style has contributed to a small change.


TVXQ’s Yunho


Jung Yun-ho was a member of the legendary South Korean boy band TVXQ. Before joining SM Entertainment, he won first prize at the 1st Annual SM Best Competition in 1999 and started training in 2001. He started as a trainee in musical training under SM Entertainment in 2001 and debuted with TVXQ as the leader of the band in 2003.

His solo career started on May 25th, 2015: his first solo release was in Japan, his Japanese solo mini-album U Know Y. This album consists of five songs of him during a TVXQ concert and also solo events in Japan. Recently, in 2019, he released his travel video titled “Analog Trip” on YouTube Original.

Below are photos of his transformations throughout time, following his change from debut until now. You can immediately see that he is quite different, especially his hairstyle, but he has always looked handsome.


2PM’s Taec-yeon


Taec-yeon is a South Korean rapper, singer, songwriter, actor, and entrepreneur. He debuted with 2PM as a rapper. He made his first screen appearance when he joined the reality show titled Hot Blood Men on MNet, in which the output of the show was to create a boy band called One Day. Later on, One Day divided into two parts called 2AM and 2PM under JYP Entertainment. 2PM released their first single “10 Points” from the album 10 Points and instantly reached success.

Taecyeon released his first solo Japanese album Taecyeon Special: Winter Hitori in 2017. During his solo project in Japan, he launched a concert at Tokyo Dome City Hall. In 2018, he ended his contract with JYP Entertainment but still remained to be a member of 2PM, although he moved agencies. After that, he signed an exclusive contract with the label 51K, the agency established by So Ji-sub.

Recently, on May 16th, 2019, Taec-yeon just finished his military service and wants to return to the entertainment industry a soon as possible.

When we compare his appearance when he debuted and now, we can easily see that there is not much difference. He has managed to maintain a perfect body and a handsome face.


Super Junior’s Leeteuk


Leeteuk is a South Korean singer, songwriter, presenter, and radio personality. He was discovered by SM Entertainment and became a trainee at SM Entertainment’s Starlight Academy at the age of sixteen. He debuted under SM Entertainment in November 2005 as a member of the legendary South Korean boy band Super Junior. They are one of the pioneers in the spreading of K-Pop music.

In June 2012, Leeteuk reunited with his Super Junior bandmates for their sixth studio album titled Sexy, Free & Single that was released on July 4th.

His appearance has been changing quite a lot throughout time since he has been brave in experimenting with hairstyles and hair colors, also with a unique sense of fashion. On June 23rd, Leeteuk’s teaser photo was released showing him with platinum silver hair, gold necklace, and heavy black eye make-up.




Choi Seung-hyun, popular by his stage name T.O.P, is a South Korean rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, and actor under South Korean record label YG Entertainment as a member of BigBang. Before debut, his journey was filled with ups and downs as he was even rejected by YG Entertainment. He then lost a lot of weight, about 20 kg in 40 days, and tried to audition again and eventually signed with YG Entertainment. He then paired with three others: Taeyang, Daesung, Seungri. They released their first album, Big Bang Vol. 1, which was a huge success and many of the songs managed to top the charts, such as “Last Farewell,” “Day By Day,” and “Stand Up” that hit the number one position in music charts in 2008.

His appearance is a bit different from when he debuted. T.O.P has become more stylish, modern, his hairstyle is really strong and he is now considered an icon.


Look at T.O.P now!