Check Out Actress Han Ye-seul’s Transformations In Dramas Throughout Time!


Get To Know Han Ye-seul’s Unique Transformations in Her Dramas

Han Ye-seul is a talented Korean actress. She was born in America but decided to renounce her American citizenship and choose Korean citizenship. She started acting in 2003 and performed in various dramas and movies. One of her most famous drama is Birth of Beauty, while one of her most popular movies is Miss Gold Digger.

As an actress, Han Ye-seul has performed various kinds of character. Some characters are typical Korean leading characters who are commonly melancholic or sassy. She has taken part in more than 10 popular Korean drama series. Each character from the dramas is completely different from the other characters. Among her various characters, she has successfully performed as a North Korean female spy, an overweight wife, an arrogant heiress, and many other characters. In each character, she transformed completely, thus immersing into the character. In this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with an outline of everything about Han Ye-seul’s transformations in her TV dramas. So, stay tuned!

Couple or Trouble

Couple or Trouble is one of Han Ye-seul’s most popular dramas. It was an MBC TV drama series aired from October to December 2006. Anna Jo, played by Han Ye-seul, is a Korean-American heiress who is spoiled, arrogant and extremely difficult to please. She is married to a cowardly husband, Billy Park. One day, her yacht needs a repair and she calls a repairman named Jang Chul-soo to fix her yacht’s bathroom. She is disappointed with the repairing result and refuses to pay the repair fee. She confronts the repairman and pushes him overboard into the sea and throws away his tools. She has a fight with her husband and starts drinking alcohol. Due to excessive drinking, she falls from the yacht into the sea and as a result – suffers amnesia.

Later on, she wakes up in a hospital beside the repairman, Jang Chul-soo. Due to her memory loss, he convinces her that she is his girlfriend and they are living together with his nephews. The repairman takes advantage of her memory loss and asks her to help him with house chores. Slowly, she transforms into a helping nanny for his nephews and he falls in love with her.

Han ye-seul played the role of Anna Jo. Anna Jo is an incredibly rich woman who can buy almost anything. Her parents passed away when she was young and her grandmother who took care of her also passed away several years after her parents. As an heir to her parents’ massive fortune, she becomes a spoiled person and treats her husband like her worker.

Just by looking at her make-up and fashion style, people can easily reckon her as classy, arrogant and stingy rich heiress. She has no respect for an elder farmer and yells at him using derogatory words. Her voice tone is sharp and clear, her hairstyle is simple yet stylish. She wears an expensive fur coat while working. When she is involved in a car accident, she worries more about her pet rather than the traffic jam caused by the accident. When she suffers from memory loss and starts living with Jang Chul-soo, she looks pure and childish. Her hairstyle is messy and her jacket is worn out.

Will It Snow for Christmas?

Will It Snow for Christmas is one of Han Ye-seul’s melodrama TV series. It was aired from December 2009 to January 2010 on SBS. The drama is starring Han Ye-seul and Ko Soo. Cha Kang-jin, played by Ko Soo, is an orphan boy who had a difficult childhood. His mother opened a cheap countryside coffee shop to earn money. Cha Kang-jin meets Ji-won, plays together with Han Ye-seul and falls in love with her. Han Ye-seul asked her brother to retrieve an accessory belonging to Kang-jin’s mother causing her brother to drown into the river. Overwhelmed with grief and guilt, she runs away from town. She deliberately meets Kang Jin to tell him that she doesn’t love him before leaving town. Eight years later, they meet at Ji-won’s wedding ceremony. Ji-won is supposed to marry Kang-jin’s co-worker but the marriage is canceled due to her fiancée’s absence.

Ji-won’s character is sweet and lovable but very quiet. She has a village woman look, with her long and straight hairstyle. She was deeply in love with Kang-jin before the incident and inside of her heart, she has always had feelings for him.

Han Ye-seul’s character is a pretty and simple girl. She looks very pretty during her wedding ceremony. She kept her make-up and hairstyle very girlish and simple. For a wedding ceremony, she wore only simple earrings without other jewelry.

Spy Myung-wol

Spy Myung-wol is a KBS2 TV series aired from July to September 2011. Han Ye-seul, Eric Mun, and Lee Jin-wook played the leading roles in the series. Han Myung-wol, played by Han Ye-seul, is a beautiful North Korean female spy who has a mission to infiltrate Korea and kidnap Korea’s most popular actor, Kang Woo, played by Eric Mun. South Korean pop culture is invading North Korean citizens. The female spy ends up falling in love with the Korean actor.

Myung-wol’s character is a strict but smart and devoted spy. She wants to achieve success as a spy to fulfill her father’s dream. As a spy of the North Korean government, she is very protective of the high-rank government officers. She is also trained in martial arts and can easily handle three men. She is also insistent and determined to succeed. She can’t accept failure and does everything as long as her mission is accomplished. She even ignores her superior’s order and decides to continue the mission by herself.

Her hairstyle is too long and too stylish for a North Korean spy. However, as a spy, she can adapt very well to any kind of fashion style and character. While accompanying Kang Woo on the trip, she looked like Kang Woo’s girlfriend with long hair and floral dress. Her make-up is simple and beautiful.

Birth of a Beauty

Birth of a Beauty is an SBS TV series that was broadcast from November 2014 to January 2015. The main characters in Birth of a Beauty are played by Han Ye-seul, Joo Sang-wook, Jun Gyu-woon, and Wang Ji-hye.

Sa Geum-ran, played by Han Ye-seul, is married to a husband who was raised in a wealthy family. Her husband lived in the United States for seven years and she has to live with her husband’s family who oftentimes treats her badly. Sa Geum-ran finds out that her husband has returned to Korea secretly.

It turns out that he has been having an affair with a news reporter and asks for a divorce from Sa Geum-ran. The husband introduces the news reporter to his family who welcome her with wide smiles. Sa Geum-ran runs away from her family and has a car accident. Her husband’s family suspects that she has died in the accident and holds a funeral. She sees that her family has no sign of remorse and decides to take revenge against her husband. She meets a famous plastic surgeon and asks him for a complete makeover. After the operation, she becomes a beautiful woman and changes her name. Later, she confronts her husband but finds out that she still has feelings for him. Instead of planning revenge, she ends up fighting for her husband’s love.

Madame Antoine: The Love Therapist

Madame Antoine: The Love Therapist was broadcast by JTBC from November 2015 to January 2016. The leading actors in the drama are Han Ye-seul, Sung-joon, and Jeong Jinwoon. Go Hye-rim, played by Han Ye-seul, owns a café and operates a fortune-telling booth. She goes by the name of Madame Antoine. She fools people by saying that she has inherited her ability from the late French Queen. She doesn’t have any fortune-telling abilities but instead is able to read people’s minds and responds from a conversation with the person or watch the person’s appearance. Choi Soo-hyeon, played by Sung Joon, is a psychologist with a high education background who doesn’t believe in true love. He convinces Go Hye-rim into joining his project and tricks her into helping him with his love project.

Go Hye-rim is a smart and fast witted woman. She is manipulative and uses other people to earn money. Although working as a fortune-teller, she doesn’t believe in either fortune-telling or science.


As Madame Antoine, Han Ye-seul wears uniquely-patterned dresses and unusual accessories to show other people that she is beyond normal and has special abilities. Her make-up focuses on showing her small face. She used thick lipstick and prominent eye make-up. In Madame Antoine, Han Ye-seul wears various types of pendulum earrings.