All About SECRET’s Member Han Sun-hwa: Profile, Plastic Surgery, Drama, School 2017, etc

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Former SECRET Member and Korean Actress Han Sun -hwa

The singers of a group usually have a certain role, such as being the leader, main vocalist, and main rapper. However, the position as the face of the group is also told to be as important as the previous-mentioned positions in the group. In SECRET, this position was occupied by Han Sunhwa. As the visual of the group, Han Sunhwa was doing a fairly good job as she was not only promoting SECRET with her beauty but also her variety and acting skill which made people remember her name and her former group’s name. Thus, in this article, Channel-Korea will explain all about Han Sunhwa, otherwise known as an ex-member of SECRET who has turned her career towards acting. We will look at her personal profile, her role in SECRET, the list of her dramas, movies, and television shows, her appearance in some dramas, and more. So, stay tuned!

Han Sunhwa’s Full Profile

han sunhwa

Birth Name: Han Seon Hwa

Stage Name: Han Sunhwa

Date of Birth: October 6, 1990, in Busan, South Korea

Age: 29 (Korean age) / 28 (International age)

Nationality: South Korean

Height: 165 cm

Weight: 46 kg

Blood Type: B

Religion: Christian

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Chinese Astrology: Horse

Siblings: 1 (younger brother, actor Han Seung Woo)

Agency: TS Entertainment (2009 – 2016), Huayi Brothers (2016 – present)

Instagram: @shh_daily

How Was Han Sunhwa in SECRET?

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It is public knowledge that Han Sunhwa started her career not as an actress but as a girl group member. In October 2009, Han Sunhwa debuted along with Jun Hyosung, Song Jieun, and Jung Hana in the girl group SECRET and was chosen as the face of the group because she was considered the most beautiful member. SECRET was fairly popular and had several hit songs such as Madonna, Love Is Move, Shy Boy, and Starlight Moonlight. During her career in SECRET, Han Sunhwa built her reputation in the field of acting as she often starred in television dramas as the supporting role. Besides being a support-worthy actress, Han Sunhwa was also included as the fixed cast of television variety shows such as Invincible Youth and We Got Married. In 2016, Han Sunhwa decided to not renew her contract with TS Entertainment and left SECRET altogether, automatically prompting herself to focus on her acting career.

Han Sun Hwa’s Drama, Movie, and Variety Show List

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As an actress, Han Sunhwa began her experience by starring as mere cameos in television shows. Even so, now Han Sunhwa is chosen as the supporting role of her projects, which proves that her acting skill has improved reasonably. Given how she has won awards such as Popularity Award in the section of Actress on MBC Drama Award in 2014, New Star Award on SBS Drama Awards in 2014, and Excellence Award for the category of Actress in a Miniseries, it’s not exaggerating to say that her future career as an actress is bright. Here, you may check the list of Han Sunhwa’s dramas, films, and variety shows!

2005: SBS Superstar Survival (as Finalist)

2007: SBS Dizzy Blind Date (as Contestant)

2009: Mnet Secret Story (as Herself)

2009-2010: KBS Invincible Youth (as Regular cast)

2009-2010: MBC I Need a Family (as Second Daughter)

2010: KBS Entertainers (as MC)

2010: MBC Bouquet (as Regular cast)

2010: SBS Goguma (as Herself)

2010: MBC More Charming by the Day (as Kim Tae-hee)

2011: MBC All My Love (Cameo as Han Sun-hwa on episode 27)

2012-2013: MBC We Got Married (paired with Hwang Kwanghee)

2013: KBS2 Ad Genius Lee Tae-baek (as Lee So-ran)

2013: SBS God’s Gift – 14 Days (as Jenny)

2014: tvN Marriage, Not Dating (as Kang Se-ah)

2014: tvN Rosy Lovers (as Baek Jang-mi)

2014: MBC Ice Mound (as Han Young-sil / Jang Ha-da)

2017: MBC King of Mask Singer (as Contestant named ‘Lady Gaga’ on episode 123)

2017: MBC Radiant Office (as Ha Ji-na)

2017: KBS2 School 2017 (as Han Soo-ji)

2017: KBS2 20th Century Boy and Girl (Cameo as Jung Da-young)

2018: MBC My Husband Oh Jak-doo (as Jang Eun-jo)

2018: MBC The Great Seducer (Cameo as Lawyer)

Han Sunhwa in Marriage Not Dating

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The first drama of Han Sunhwa that we will talk about is Marriage, Not Dating which aired on cable broadcast tvN in 2014. The story told about two contrasting lead casts namely Gong Gi-tae (acted Yeon Woo-jin), the wealthy plastic surgeon who has no desire in marriage, and Joo Jang-mi (acted by Han Groo), the shop girl who is really desperate to get married. In this drama, Han Sunhwa took the supporting role as Kang Se-ah, the former fiance and girlfriend of Gong Gi-tae who is still friends with her former boyfriend as if they are still the good friends yet ended up blackmail him because she wants to have a child of her own. Even though her role in this drama is considered as a villain or antagonist, we have to say that we are impressed by Han Sunhwa’s acting skill who is gradually improved compared to her previous experience.

Han Sunhwa in School 2017

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The second drama of Han Sunhwa that we will talk about is School 2017 which aired in public broadcast KBS2 in 2017. The story told about the students of the high school who want to overcome the stress of being ranked by the grade of their exams. In this drama, Han Sunhwa took another supporting role as Han Soo-ji, a police officer who has to be demoted to the school due to her fault in mishandling a case. Just like in Marriage, Not Dating, we can say that this time Han Sunhwa has stepped up her acting skill by taking a role who has different traits and characteristics compared to her previous roles.