Plastic Surgery Transformation: Before and After Comparisons of Han Sun-hwa’s Face

Han Sun-hwa’s Plastic Surgery

Just as with any Korean celebrity, plastic surgery is still a hot topic, and any celebrity can be accused of having surgery done. Han Sun-hwa is one of those who has been accused of having undergone plastic surgery.

The rumor surfaced after pre-debut photos of her were spread online. Even though her agency has denied the rumor, netizens still have their suspicions. TS Entertainment stated, “She did not go under knife. It is a result after the diet that become her daily routine, also because the group on hiatus people might speculating her appearances.”

The company also stated that the reason for her changing looks may be because the group switched to a beauty salon that also changed their makeup. Han Sun-hwa stated, on one of her interviews, that she has a lot of good pre-debut photos, unfortunately, those weren’t the ones that got spread.

Many fans speculated that maybe her changing appearances is just the result of puberty and weight loss, but others still think that she has done at least one surgery. The differences between her old photos and more recent photos can clearly be seen on her eyes, as they’re now larger than before. some people have speculated that she has had a double-eyelid surgery done, as seen in her old photos that she did not has a double eyelids but as now she has double eyelids. Her nose bridge also higher, and has a slimmer nasal bone, leading to suspicions of rhinoplasty. even though we don’t know the truth about whether Han Sun-hwa has done under the knife or not, we can agree that she looks truly beautiful.

Here’s a comparison between Han Sun-hwa’s old photos and a more recent photo.

So, what do you think, dear readers?