Plastic Surgery Transformation: Before and After Comparisons of Han Sun-hwa’s Face

han sun hwa

The Beautiful Korean Actress Han Sun-hwa

Han Sun-hwa is a South Korean actress and singer, who is a former member of the girl-group Secret. Han was born on October 6, 1990, in Busan, South Korea. She’s had an interest on art since she was young, and decided to became an idol after seeing BoA performances on television. To begin pursuing that goal, she started auditioning at singing competitions. She made an appearance in the 2005 survival program Superstar Survival, along with 2PM’s Taecyeon, Lee Jun-ho, and Chansung. She made it to the finals, although she was eliminated on the fifth episode, and went back to Busan to became an ordinary high school student. 

False rumors named her as a JYP trainee, and those rumors made people start to deal with her differently, which made her so uncomfortable that she nearly gave up her dream, but before her college entrance exams, she was contacted by TS Entertainment, calling her to become one of their trainees. 

Han Sun-hwa’s Career and Popularity

han sun hwa

In 2009, Han Sun-hwa, along with Jung Ha-na, Song Ji-eun, and Jun Hyo-sung, formed the girl-group Secret. The group made their debut appearance in a show called Secret Story. Their debut single, “I Want You Back”, was released in October, 2009. That same month, she was also cast as a regular member of the variety show Invincible Youth, which was one of the popular shows at the time. Her appearances on the program helped her and her group to fame. Han Sun-hwa even got a nicknames from the netizens for her role on the program. Baekji, or White Paper, is a term used by Korean people which as a similiar meaning to Dumb Blonde. Thanks to her image, the group kept gaining more popularity.

In April, 2010, Secret released another hit, with “ Magic”, and Han Sun-hwa was cast in her first sitcom, More Charming By The Day. She then joined the drama Ad Genius Lee Tae-baek cast later the same year.

Han Sun-hwa was signed with several companies to model for them, such as the cosmetics company The Skin House, the handbag line St Scott London, Keallan sportswear, and many others. Han Sun-hwa has been noted by the netizens as being a very talented idol, since she can sing, dance, act, model, and also act as an MC.

han sun hwa

On Spetember 26, 2016, TS Entertainment made a statement saying that Han Sun-hwa will not renew her contract ,and would be leaving Secret and the agency. The statement said that Han wanted to focus on her acting career. In October of 2016, Han Sun-hwa signed a contract with Huayi Brothers as an actress.