Check Out The Meaning of Han So-hee’s Tattoos

Rising Star of The World of the Married, Han So Hee

Han So-hee is a South Korean actress. She was born on November 18, 1994. Han So Hee is appealing because she represents both a vivid cold charm and a pure emotion. She attracted public attention and become famous because of the sensational drama The World of the Married which was released in 2020. She acted as Yeo Da-kyung, one of the main characters and a young mistress. Han So-hee also appeared in boy-group SHINee’s music video from 2016, “Tell Me What to Do.”

As for her popularity, her past photos with tattoos were leaked to the public. It gained various responses from K-drama fans. Are you curious about her past photos? In this article, Channel-Korea will give you information about her tattoos and Han So-hee’s response to her past. Check this out!

Han So-hee’s Tattoo Pictures

Getting a tattoo when you’re a teen is a fun thing, right? It’s a way to express your freedom. However, it still gives a bad look, and sometimes, someone with a tattoo is labeled as a bad person or subjected to other negative stereotypes. Tattoos are still taboo for some people. However, nowadays, getting a tattoo is not seen by everyone as a negative activity, and it can also serve as a source of motivation for many people.

Presently, Han So Hee’s photos with her tattoos have shown up. She has a flower tattoo on her arm.

If you look closely, Han So Hee has 3 tattoos that can be seen on her arms. There is no specific meaning of her tattoos. A friend of Han Soo Hee said that she was a model when those pictures with tattoos and cigarettes were taken.

Some fans think that Han So Hee looks cool in her mirror selfies. Also, her appearance during her teenage years looks trendy and chic.

Han Soo Hee’s Tattoo Removal

If you look up Han So Hee’s current photos, her tattoos on her arms are almost invisible. It’s surprising how well tattoo traces can be removed. It must’ve hurt a lot, right?

Because of the traces from removing the tattoos, the color of the skin seems slightly different in the picture below.

Netizens Comment about Han So Hee’s Past Tattoos and Smoking Photos + Her Response

Han So Hee attracted attention for previous images of her looking trendy with her tattoos and for several photos of her smoking. Netizens reacted with, “This is just shocking,” “A picture with cigarettes… that’s just not it,” and more. However, there are also positive comments such as, “I think she’s the hottest actress,” “Am I the only one who thinks it feels like Song Hye-kyo every time I see it?” “You looked like a rookie, but you acted well. ^^”

During an interview, one of the interviewers brought up images of her smoking a cigarette and wearing tattoos on her body that had circulated online not long before. “Well, I am myself now, and I was myself at that time as well,” Han So Hee said.

The actress went on to say, “It’s not like my perspective on the world has changed all that much since then. The restrictions I faced after making my acting debut, as well as my new lifestyle, have developed who I am today.” “It’s actually kind of embarrassing to say those pictures were from my past since it was just three to four years ago,” she said.

She also said, “‘Maybe you should try and hide your true self a little in public,’ my agency’s staff advised the other day. However, many people liked me for who I am, despite my past, and for that I am grateful.”



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