Han So-hee’s Boyfriend, Ideal Type, and Rumor of Dating Song Kang

Han So Hee boyfriend

Let’s Find Out About Han So-hee’s Boyfriend and Status Here!

As we know, it is starting to feel familiar when hearing Han So-hee‘s name. She was debuted as a model in 2016, and in 2017, she got her first drama through Reunited Worlds. People started to know her since she starred in The World of Married Couple as a homewrecker. Then, she managed to restore her image through the Netflix series Nevertheless and My Name. Her name rose because of her acting and also her amazing visuals. So, people started to get curious about her, including her relationship status and boyfriend.

So, through this article, Channel-Korea has already provided information regarding the pretty Han So-hee’s boyfriend, ideal type, and her current status. So, keep scrolling down the article!

Actress Han So-hee Is Still Living the Single Life

Han So Hee is single

Besides searching about Han So-hee’s background profile, every new fan is obviously curious about her boyfriend and ex-boyfriend lists. People also ask about So-hee’s status in a relationship, especially after her successful dramas Nevertheless and My Name. 

During her career journey, Han So-hee was never caught by any Korean media regarding a relationship. She also has never confirmed anything or given an announcement about a boyfriend. So, starting from 2021, Han So-hee is always haunted by the question “Are you single or not?”

She never responds to those questions, and it’s certainly because Han So-hee is still living the single life for now.

Han So-hee’s Ideal Type

Han So Hee ideal type

After knowing about Han So-hee’s status, fans (especially male fans) surely want to know what is her ideal type for a man she would want. Unlike other celebrities, Han So-hee doesn’t have specifics for an ideal man, and she never mentioned it in an interview.

Perhaps it is because in her past, Han So-hee never got affection from her mother, but she got it from her granny. Because of this, her character is formed to be an independent woman, hard worker, and she doesn’t want to distress others. So, Han So-hee became introverted regarding her personal life, including her ideal type.

Han So-hee Admits She Doesn’t Want To Get Married

Han So Hee boyfriend

In 2020, Han So-hee is getting famous through her role as a mistress. So-hee’s acting should be appreciated because she can embrace her roles completely, and she can be an antagonist as well as a classy mistress.

However, there was a surprising fact about her after the filming was over. Han So-hee doesn’t want to get married and is unable to think about marriage. Based on her interview, she once said reasons why she chooses to not be married. She said that it’s not only about an affair, but life will be filled with suspicion, fear, anxiety, and distrust.

Han So-hee and Song Kang Were Rumored To Be Dating

Han So hee and song kang dating

Han So-hee and actor Song Kang met in a Netflix series project in 2021, namely Nevertheless. In that drama, So-hee and Song Kang got roles as Yoo Na-bi and Park Jae-eon who are a couple, but their relationship is toxic.

Apart from being stuck in a toxic relationship, audiences were amazed by their on-screen moments. So-hee and Song Kang managed to attract people with their sweet, romantic, and beautiful moments, they even hoped that Song Kang and Han So-hee would become a couple in real life until there was a dating rumor.

Han So Hee song kang daring

After seeing the behind-the-scenes film-making process on YouTube, they both were still close even though they were not role-playing. Not only that but fans thought that they were really in a relationship and were secretly dating. They also said that Song Kang kept holding So-hee’s hand even though filming had stopped.

han so hee song kang dating

But, fans were wrong. Han So-hee and Song Kang didn’t have a special relationship. It was clarified during an interview with Korean Netflix. At that moment, the interviewer asked about one of the sweet moments in the series, but So-hee and Song Kang said that they’re just friends and act like professionals.

han so hee song kang dating

So, that’s everything that you have to know about the rising star Han So-hee’s relationship status, ideal type, and her clarification about her relationship with Song Kang. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends so they will know about Han So-hee’s boyfriend and status now. Also, follow our Twitter @CKoreaOfficial and check out our website here to get more articles from us!