Full Profile of Han Joo-wan

han joowan

Korean Actor Han Joo-wan

Launching his career by making short films, Han Joo-wan slowly but surely made his own path to becoming an actor in South Korea’s cinema industry. Awarded Best New Actor in the KBS Drama Awards in 2013 and on Miss Asia Pacific World Supertalent in 2014, Han Joo-wan continuously shows that he is an actor who is not only handsome, but also has a knack for acting. Thus, in this article, Channel-Korea will tell you everything about Han Joo-wan, which includes his full profile and the list of his television shows and films. So, stay tuned!

Han Joo-wan’s Full Profile

han joowan

Real Name: Han Joo Wan

Date of Birth: Seoul, South Korea, 10 January 1984

Age: 35 (Korean age) / 34 (International age)

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Chinese Astrology:

Nationality: South Korean

Height: 177 cm

Weight: 61 kg

Siblings: 1 (Older sister, the female singer Han Hee Jung)

Education: Seoul Institute of the Arts, majoring in Department of Theater

Talent agency: Starhaus Entertainment

Han Joo-wan’s List of TV Shows and Movies

han joowan

As we mentioned in the beginning, Han Joo-wan is an actor who started from the bottom, having acted in several short films since 2009 before getting his breakthrough with his leading role in Wang’s Family in 2013. Even after his advancement, Han Joo-wan still took on supporting characters, proving that he never hesitates to act, be it the main roles or mere supporting roles. In this section, Channel-Korea has compiled a list of the television series and films that Han Joo-wan has starred in.

2009 – Short film A Young Stallman (as Hyun-woo)

2010 – Short film Broken Night (as Min-jo)

2012 – Short film Suddenly, Last Summer (Main Role as Sang-woo)

2012 – Short film Where Is My Pepper

2013 – KBS2’s Wang’s Family (Main Role as Choi Sang-nam)

2013 – KBS2’s Drama Special “Yeonu’s Summer” (Main Role as Kim Yoon-hwan)

2013 – Hwayi: A Monster Boy (as Entourage of the former chairman)

2013 – Shorts Meets Shorts / Novel Meets Movie (Main Role as Woohyun on the segment: “Exit”)

2014 – KBS2’s Gunman in Joseon (Main Role as Kim Ho-kyung)

2014 – KBS2’s Drama Special “The Tale of the Bookworm” / “The Search for Battle” (Main Role as Jang Soo-han)

2015 – MBC’s Splendid Politics (Supporting Role as Kang In-woo)

2015 – Naver TV Cast’s Devil’s Diary (Main Role as Angma / Devil)

2016 – MBC’s Blow Breeze (Main Role as Jo Hee-dong)

2016 – Romantic Boss (as Supporting Role)

2016 – KBS2’s Drama Special “Twenty Thousand Won to Pyongyang” / “Priest” (Main Role as Park Yeong-jung)

2017 – KBS2’s School 2017 (Main Role as Teacher Shim Kang-myung)

2017 – OCN’s Meloholic (Supporting  Role as Kim Sun-ho, the Bookshop Owner / Ye-ri’s former boyfriend)

2017 – The Prison (Supporting Role as Jong Dae)

2018 – Mothers (Supporting Role as Jung-woo)

2018 – After Love (as Supporting Role)