Who Is Han Ji-min’s Husband? (Dating, Ex-boyfriend, and Marriage)

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Who Is Han Ji-min’s Husband?

Han Ji-min is one of the rising actresses under BH Entertainment who rose the fame after her role in Resurrection. With her lovely visual and incredible acting skills, many fans are curious even more about her, especially whether the actress already has a husband or not, and how she experiences love in real life.

In this article, Channel Korea will explain to you everything about Han Ji-min’s husband to her love story in real life, so make sure to keep on reading!

Han Ji-min Doesn’t Have a Husband Yet

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Ever since her acting debut several years ago, Han Ji-min has been starring in various dramas and movies genres, especially romance. The way she could immerse in her character and how she developed such good chemistry with her male co-stars somehow made people wonder what would she be when it comes to a real relationship.

Speaking of that matter, Han Ji-min is most likely single and doesn’t have a husband yet since she hasn’t married yet as well! Despite her dating rumors with several male co-stars, the actress never confirmed dating.

Han Ji-min Talked about Past Unrequited Love and Her ‘Insecure’ Towards Men

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Han Ji-min is indeed a kind and pure woman, despite her amazing career in the entertainment industry. Many people should have been in love with her and her charm is very undoubtful.

However, despite having a lot of love experiences, the actress once explained that she experienced unrequited love in the past. Not just once, but according to her statement, it was multiple times!

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“I’m not good at dating, but I used to have a crush on people several times,” she said. On the other hand, she was also explained that she was worried if she’d be less attractive to men due to her true personality.

“I can act cute toward my niece, but I’m not sure [if I can be] acting cute while I’m dating,” she stated. Han Ji-min also said that she isn’t good at playing hard-to-get which makes her worry she’d be less attractive to men.

Well, Han Ji-min should have given herself some credits because she is attractive in many ways that she may never imagine!

Han Ji-min’s Dating Rumors

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As we have explained before, although Han Ji-min doesn’t have a husband yet, she used to be involved in a couple of dating rumors. Especially after she portrayed such beautiful and natural chemistry on-screen and how she got closer to her co-stars. And here are some dating rumors of Han Ji-min that you might wanna know:

Han Ji-min and Hyun Bin’s Dating Rumors Turned out To Be False

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Back then in 2014 and 2015, Han Ji-min starred in a drama titled The Fatal Encounter and Hyde, Jekyll, and Me alongside actor Hyun Bin. Their chemistry was gained a lot of attention through Hyde, Jekyll, and me. In that drama, she played the role of Jang Ha-na, the master of a circus at an amusement park named Wonderland.

She met with Goo Seo-jin (Hyun Bin), the director of Wonderland who secretly has two personalities due to his mental illness, the real one is Goo Seo-jin, and the ‘fake’ one is Robin. Accidentally, Ha-na falls for Robin without knowing his real identity.

han ji min and hyun bin

Through the drama, both Han Ji-min and Hyun Bin were portrayed with such good chemistry as if they were dating in real life. However, rumors are just rumors because the truth is they’d never date.

However, Han Ji-min used to state that she once had a crush on her colleagues, but then there was a beautiful woman who came up to him. Many people have speculated that it was Hyun Bin and his spouse Son Ye Jin, but still, it remains unconfirmed.

How Han Ji-min was Linked to Gong Yoo and Jung Woo-sung

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Aside from Hyun Bin, Han Ji-min was also linked to other male co-stars such as Gong Yoo and Jung Woo-sung. Indeed, the actress used to explain that she kinda had a crush on her co-stars to create such real chemistry with them.

Han Ji-min was starred alongside Gong Yoo in the movie entitled The Age of Shadows, and she was starred in the drama Padam Padam with Jung Woo-sung. Not only appeared together in the acting project, but Han Ji-min and Jung Woo-sung stole the attention after both of them were appointed as the honorary police officers by former South Korean President Moon Jae-in back then in 2017.

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Many fans thought they looked adorable together in matching uniforms. But still, there was no confirmed news about Han Ji-min dated Gong Yoo or Jung Woo-sung. Meanwhile, Han Ji-min and Gong Yoo were also gained a bunch of attention through The Age of Shadows.

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That’s everything about Han Ji-min‘s love story, potential husband, and her thoughts on her past love! Although the actress never confirmed dating, we do hope that she will find the ‘one’ real soon!

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