Copy The Look of Actress Han Hyo-joo In ‘W – Two Worlds’

Get to Know Beautiful Actress Han Hyo-joo

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Today, in this article, we will provide you with some information about the beautiful South Korean actress, Han Hyo-joo’s appearance in the Korean drama W – Two Worlds.

For you who don’t know yet, Han Hyo-joo is a South Korean actress who was born in Cheongju, North Chungcheong Province, South Korea on February 22nd, 1987. She took education at Dongguk University in the Theater and Film department. She is best known for her leading roles in many popular K-dramas, such as Brilliant Legacy (2009), Dong Yi (2010), and W – Two Worlds (2016). Now, that you already know her basic information, let’s jump into the main topic!


A Living Princess From K-Drama

With such a beautiful face and a lot of experience in K-dramas and movies, it is not too much to call her a living princess from K-drama. Han Hyo-joo proved her talent again in the 2016 K-Drama W – Two Worlds.

For your information, W, or as people know it W – Two Worlds, is a 2016 South Korean television series starring Lee Jong-suk as the male leading role and Han Hyo-joo as the female leading role. It is produced by Son Hyung-suk, Oh Min-su, and Kim Sang-hun, and written by Song Jae-jung. The storyline of this drama is focused on the clash between two worlds. The two worlds represented in the series are the real world and the alternate universe inside a webtoon.

Han Hyo-joo played the role of Oh Yeon-joo, a resident cardiothoracic surgeon at Myung-se Hospital. When she found out, from her friend and her father’s assistant cartoonist, the principal reason why her father went missing while drawing the last episode of W, the title of the Webtoon, a bloody arm suddenly drag her into the webtoon’s world inside the tablet’s screen she was looking at the cartoon drawn on her father’s tablet. And then, surprisingly, Oh Yeon-joo finds herself beside Kang Chul (played by Lee Jong-suk)’s body, the multimillionaire who gets severely injured after receiving a suspicious phone call, on the penthouse rooftop.

It becomes such a complicated love story that is mixed with the thriller and suspense scenes. Oh Yeon-joo is quick to understand the established rules by which those worlds operate, and with Kang Chul, they both quickly figure out how time works in the fictional world since Kang Chul is the main character in her father’s webtoon. Then, the romance between them begins.

The drama is unfolding a story of how you should take responsibility if you are the creator of the life of your characters. Can a writer become consumed by their own work? Or, can a comic really endanger real people? The storytelling is quite fascinating and unique since it’s so different from the other K-Dramas.


Han Hyo-joo’s Make-Up in W – Two Worlds

Han Hyo-joo looks so pretty with a medium length hair and bangs. She looks so suited with the natural make-up which makes her look healthy and shiny. Her simple outfits in this drama also match the make-up and make her even more beautiful.


Fashion Style

As we already mentioned above, the simple style of Oh Yeon-joo, the character that Han Hyo-joo plays, is quite simple and neat, mostly monochromatic. It suits her very much. Like on the occasion she wore a black and white floral dress where she looks really beautiful.