Han Hyo-joo and Lee Jong-suk News: Secret Marriage, Rumor or Fact?


The Relationship Between Actress Han Hyo-Joo and Actor Lee Jong-Suk

If you are a Korean drama lover, you’re certainly no stranger to actress Han Hyo-Joo. In 2016, Han Hyo-Joo demonstrated her excellent acting skills in the drama, W. The drama was quite popular and received a good response from netizens. Hyo-joo’s acting skills were also praised for playing with handsome actor Lee Jong-Suk. The two of them were the lead cast in the drama W, which was aired by MBC.

In the drama, Hyo-joo plays Oh Yeon-joo while Lee Jong-suk plays Kang Chul. They also act as a couple. Although the drama has long since finished, many netizens still admire the closeness of the two stars. Many even say that Hyo-joo and Jong-suk are married already.

Now, let’s look at the shocking facts of Han Hyo-joo’s relationship with Lee Jong-suk!

The Truth of Han Hyo-joo and Lee Jong-suk’s Secret Marriage


Many rumors say that if Han Hyo-joo and Lee Jong-suk are married, even secretly, is that really surprising? But take it easy, it’s only in their drama. In episode 7 of W , their secret wedding was revealed to the public, episode 7 received a very high rating after Kang Chul published his marriage to Yeon-joo.

In the previous episode, Kang Chul and Oh Yeon-yoo confirmed their feelings for each other with a passionate kiss. The former’s legal counsel, Son Hyun-suk, suddenly entered the picture, telling the latter that she and Kang Chul had officially registered their marriage in the United States in 2015.


Knowing that their main issue is Lawyer Son Hyun-Suk, which is Oh Yeon, why does Kang Chul’s life save? However, if they make her secret wife, it gives her an identity and a reason for why she refused to testify.

What do you think about this episode? Shocking isn’t it?