Who Is Han Hyo-joo’s Husband? Here Are the Details!


Get to Know the Beautiful Actress Han Hyo-joo

She is a famous South Korean actress who was born on February 2nd, 1987, in Cheongju, North Chung Cheong Province. Her father has been working as an air force officer, while her mother was a teacher in an elementary school before becoming an inspector for public schools.

She became well-known to the public after playing in the drama that became a massive hit at that time, titled Brilliant Legacy, along with Lee Seung-gi. After six years, Han Hyo-joo finally made a comeback on the small screens in 2016, with the MBC fantasy suspense series W with co-star Lee Jong-suk. For her performance in the drama, she received the Top Excellence Award at the 5th Apan Star Awards and the MBC Drama Awards.

Now let’s dig up some news about her love life and her husband. Here we go!

Han Hyo-joo’s Ideal Type


Her ideal type of man apparently keeps changing over time. In a recent interview, she said that when she was younger she was interested in bad boys, but as soon she got older her views changed.

Her ideal type of man now in someone who has a lot of understanding, somebody who can open up and speak about everything with her. In another interview, Han Hyo-joo confessed that her ideal type of man is someone who is cheerful and healthy. She would like to be in a relationship with someone who she could depend on and someone who would care about her like a mother would.

She then confessed that she understands that she is aiming high in her search for the ideal man, and Han Hyo-joo doesn’t think there are many men out there who could fit her description.

Her Past Love Life Stories

Here are some of Han Hyo-joo past love stories. Check it out!

A Relationship with Kang Dong-han?

News reported that Han Hyo-joo and Kang Dong-han were dating in 2009. Kang Dong-han used to be an actor who had mostly played minor roles in some films before becoming a businessman. The two of them met through a mutual friend and their relationship grew into something more than just friends.

Reported by scoops, Hyo-joo and Dong-han were having a date at the race track. Apparently, he even introduced Han Hyo-joo as his girlfriend. But when she was asked about the relationship, she denied being his lover and stated that the relationship between Kang Dong-han and her is just like a brother-sister relationship.

She also added it was easy talking with him because both of them were in the acting field. Kang Dong-han understood that he was the person who Hyo-joo could confide in, but the relationship between them wouldn’t move past friendship.

Relationship With Bae Soo-bin

Bae Soo-bin is a Korean actor who has been rumored of being more than just friends with Han Hyo-joo. The two of them acted together in the TV drama Dong Yi.

In the drama, he played a character who falls in love with Han Hyo-joo’s character. During an interview, he was asked if he was the kind of person who would make the first move in love. He replied: “Yes, I’am, even if I don’t show it here,” while making eye contact with Hyo-joo.


There was an episode from the show that actually aided the spreading and rising of this rumor. On a day when she felt down, allegedly, Bae Soo-bin gave Hyo-joo a collection of poems to cheer her up. The story was widely reported by the Korean media and strengthened the news about them dating.

What made it even more obvious, is that during the interview, they behaved just as if they were in a special relationship. And this was the reason why so many people were confident and believed that they were a couple. However, the news was slowly stopped spreading and faded from the media. Later on, Bae Soo-bin got married to a non-celebrity woman, who is eight years younger than him.

Han Hyo-joo and Lee Seung-gi?


First of all, Lee Seung-gi was a famous Korean actor, he was even called the Korean’s Younger Brother and The Man with 70% Viewing Rate. The two of them were working together in the drama titled Brilliant Legacy, where they even had to do many kissing scenes.

They got along very well with each other during the break time of filming and behind the scenes shots, where Han Hyo-joo and Lee Sung-gi were spending their time together while having some fun.

Perhaps, since they are both studying at the same university, neither of them has ever confirmed their relationship to be anything more than just friendship. Later on, Lee Seung-gi announced that he was dating a member of the popular girl group SNSD, Yoona.

Han Hyo-joo with Kang Dong-won


In recent news, released this year, on July 8th, a source from YG Entertainment makes a clarification about a photo where Han Hyo-joo and Kang Dong-won are together in the United States. The photo circulated through the online communities and even caught some attention from the media in Taiwan.

Then, on July 25th, she actually talked about it. Hyo-joo brushed it off by saying “When I talk to the people around me about this I just say, ‘We just had a meal together, it was delicious.’ There is so much chattering going on, I’m sorry. Truthfully, I apologize about the chattering that was going on because of a different, unnecessary issue. Honestly, it wasn’t  about the movie that attention has been drawn, but rather about the personal matter, it’s really burdensome, and I’m sorry.”

She also said, “I think we are both not paying too much attention to the dating rumors. It kinda feels like ‘something like this could happen.'”