Does Han Hyo-joo Have a Boyfriend Right Now?

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The Beautiful Actress Han Hyo-joo

Han Hyo-joo, whose popularity jumped up after her drama with Lee Seung-gi, Brilliant Legacy, has continued playing beautiful characters in various projects. Thanks to her acting skills, she can always provide excellent chemistry with the other cast members. Therefore, every project that she has starred in always brings about a dating rumor involving the two main characters. She hasn’t been back on the screen for a long time, does Han Hyo-joo have a new boyfriend?

Han Hyo-joo’s Most Recent Boyfriend

In the past, Han Hyo-joo was rumored of dating Lee Seung-gi, the male lead in Brilliant Legacy. In the drama titled Dong Yi, Han Hyo-joo’s acting skills gave rise to yet another rumor about her relationship with Bae Soo-bin being something more than a simple friendship. Likewise, in her latest drama with Lee Jong-suk, W, Han Hyo-joo managed to make the public believe that they have a romantic relationship off the screen as well. In 2009, several people said that Han Hyo-joo was seen together with actor Kang Do-han on a race track; they assumed that the two are on a date. But unfortunately, all of the rumors about the two of them dating were denied by both parties.

However, at the beginning of 2018, Han Hyo-joo was again involved in a dating rumor with a fellow actor. The two have been seen spending time together not in Korea, but in the US. On a sunny day in the US, fans saw them visiting a restaurant together. The public was of course, curious about the truth behind the rumor because it involved the handsome actor Kang Dong-won. YG Entertainment, as the agency of Kang Dong-won, explained that the two were in the process of shooting a film in the US. Both of them are part of the cast of the film, so they were both in the US at the same time, which gave them the opportunity to accidentally spent time together due to the same shooting schedule.

Han Hyo-joo and Kang Dong-won previously acted together in the film Golden Slumber. However, Kang Dong-won told the media that he is actually looking forward to them acting together again because their roles in Golden Slumber weren’t that much. The two of them met again in the film titled Illang: The Wolf Brigade, which was released in July 2018. Other than the two of them, the film also features other top actors, such as Jung Woo-sung, Kim Mu-yeol, Han Ye-ri, and SHINee Minho.

Han Hyo-joo said to the media that she felt bad for Kang Dong-won, the cast and crew of the film, because of the dating rumor. She hopes the public can enjoy the film without being affected by the rumors that have already been denied by both agencies. Nevertheless, the two of them remained close friends and were not awkward in spite of the dating rumor.

The chemistry she has with male-leads always makes the public hope their relationship translates to real life. She has never opened up about her relationships to the media and that makes the public even more curious about Han Hyo-joo’s relationships. In the end, Han Hyo-joo’s love relationships always remain mysterious. Whoever succeeds in winning the heart of Han Hyo-joo, we wish them true happiness.