Everything About Korean Host and Han Hye-jin’s Boyfriend, Jun Hyun-moo

Jun Hyun-moo and Minho

SHINee’s Famous Fanboy, Jun Hyun-moo

Jun Hyun-moo is a South Korean famous host and entertainer. Jun Hyun-moo is known for his parody SHINee dance cover and TV show appearances. He is one of the busiest entertainers in the Korean entertainment industry. Jun Hyun-moo already had a girlfriend and his lovey-dovey moments with his girlfriend can be seen on MBC’s I Live Alone. Let’s get to know more about Jun Hyun-moo.


Profile and Facts of Jun Hyun-moo

Jun Hyun-moo profile


Real Name = Jeon Hyun-moo

Birthday = November 7, 1977

Origin = Seoul, South Korea

Education = Yonsei University – Sociology and English Literature

Occupation = Host

Agency = S.M. Culture & Contents

Years Active = 2003 – Present



  1. He was a former newscaster before becoming an entertainer.
  2. He previously was a YTN anchor in 2003.
  3. He really loves SHINee and often does SHINee dance covers even though it always becomes a parody dance.

  4. His favorite SHINee dance cover parody is “Lucifer.”
  5. He always has activities scheduled every day so it is hard to meet him casually.
  6. Because he was always getting teased with Han Hye-jin, they became closer and eventually started dating.
  7. He promises to buy SHINee’s members food but never does it.
  8. Different from being charismatic as an anchor, as an entertainer, he is well known for acting silly and funny.
  9. He once appeared on KBS Entertainment Weekly – Guerilla Date after he got cast on KBS’s Happy Together.
  10. He once made a mistake on a date by parking his car in a disability spot which made the public angry at the couple, especially Jun Hyun-moo himself.
  11. He once had a dog named Ttotto, and they spent 17 years together. Unfortunately, he did not have time to play with Ttotto because of his busy schedule until Ttotto died.
  12. He actively donates to several organizations.
  13. He misses BTS RM appearances on tvN’s Problematic Man in which they were cast together for several months.
  14. He has a lot of different expressions and personalities on every show he appears but mostly he is funny and cheesy while sometimes being annoying to guests or other cast members on the same show.


Jun Hyun-moo’s Filmography

Jun Hyun-moo filmography

Jun Hyun-moo appeared on a lot of TV shows after he became an entertainer. Jun Hyun-moo schedule is very tight as the public can always see him on different TV network as a regular host also several irregular shows. Let’s check out Jun Hyun-moo appearance

Current Variety Shows

Jun Hyun-moo current variety show list
Year TV Network Title Role
2013 – Present MBC I Live Alone Cast Member
2014 – Present E Channel Brave Writers Host
2015 – Present KBS Happy Together
tvN Problematic Men Cast Member
Wednesday Food Talk Host
2016 – Present Free 19
2018 – Present MBC Omniscient Interfering View Cast Member


Former Variety Shows

Jun Hyun-moo former variety show list
Year TV Network Title Role
2008 – 2012 KBS Vitamin Host
2009 – 2010 Star Golden Bell
2009 – 2011 I Love Movie
2010 – 2011 Life Info Show
2011 – 2012 Quiz Show The Four Musketeers
Qualifications of Men Cast Member
2012 – 2013 jTBC Imaginary Love Battle Host
MBC Blind Test 180°
tvN Three Idiots Cast Member
2012 – 2018 JTBC Hidden Singer (Season 1-5) Host
2013 tvN Millionaire Game: My Turn
MBC Splash
jTBC Miss Korea’s Secret Garden
MNET The Voice Kids
2013 – 2014 MBN Family Three Kingdom
2013 – 2017 SBS K-pop Star
2014 jTBC Crime Scene 1 Cast Member
tvN Need More Romance Host
2014 -2015 E Channel Brave Writers
2014 – 2017 JTBC Non – Summit
2015 Dating Alone Cast Member
2015 – 2016 Old House, New House
2016 tvN Birth of a Song Host
MNET Hit the Stage
KBS Gold Medal Duty
2016 – 2017 Trick & True
jTBC Phantom Singer (Season 1-2)
SBS Fantastic Duo (Season 1-2)
2017 jTBC Jobs
2018 MBC Unexpected Q


Drama Series

Jun Hyun-moo drama list
Year TV Network Title Role
2015 KBS The Producers Cameo
MBC Queen’s Flower
2016 SBS Don’t Dare to Dream
KBS Sound of Your Heart



Jun Hyun-moo awards

Jun Hyun-moo known for his unique appearance on TV as an entertainer rather than become tv anchor in the past. He got a lot of award as host and entertainer from 2009 until now. Let’s check out the list of Jun Hyun-moo award achievement.

Jun Hyun-moo award achievement
Year Event Name Category Nominated Work
2009 KBS Entertainment Awards Best Newcomer in a Variety Show
2011 Top Entertainer Award Qualifications of Me
2013 MBC Entertainment Awards Excellence Award in Radio Good Morning FM
2014 20th Korean Entertainment Art Awards Best Radio Host
22nd Korea Culture and Entertainment Awards Daesang (Grand Price) for MC
MBC Entertainment Awards Excellence Award in Variety Show I Live Alone
2015 51st Baeksang Arts Awards Best Male Variety Performer Non-Summit,

I Live Alone

2016 KBS Entertainment Awards Excellence Award in Talk Show Happy Together Season 3
SBS Entertainment Awards Fantastic Duo, K-pop Star 6
MBC Entertainment Awards Special Award in Variety Show I Live Alone
2017 Daesang (Grand Price) I Live Alone
SBS Entertainment Awards Best MC in Entertainment Fantastic Duo, K-pop Star 6, Masterkey
2018 24th Korean Popular Culture & Arts Awards Prime Minister Commendation


Dating News with Model Han Hye-jin

Jun Hyun-moo and Han Hye-jin

Jun Hyun-moo was confirmed to be dating Han Hye-jin on February 27, 2018, through both of the artist agency. Jun Hyun-moo and Han Hye-jin first met and became friends through MBC’s I Live Alone. They showed great chemistry on the show and became the first “broadcast-turned-reality” couple. They also joint MC for SBS’s Romance Package on the same year.

On an episode of tvN’s Life Bar when Han Hye-jin became a host of the show, all of the show’s hosts were curious about her relationship with Jun Hyun-moo. Han Hye-jin admitted she was unsure with their relationship at first and need to make a situation for their relationship confirmation between them. She noticed Jun Hyun-moo’s unusual behavior when a friend call him when they were together in a car. Han Hye-jin admitted they were dating secretly and hard to go on holiday together since they do not know a place to go. They sometimes visited Han Hye-jin house to sleep in. Through that, Han Hye-jin mother knows that they were dating.

It has been one year since their dating rumor surface. Although there is a rumor stating that Han Hye-jin and Jun Hyun-moo already broke up because of their busy schedules, both of their agencies denied the rumor by making official statements. Also, their lovey-dovey moment could be spotted on MBC Plus x Genie Music Award 2018 and made BTS Jungkook acknowledge their relationship afterward.


Appearance on The Beauty Inside

Beauty Inside released in 2015 starring Han Hyo-joo as the female lead role along with several famous male actors such as Park Seo-joon, Lee Dong-wook, and Lee Hyun-woo. The movie is about a male who lives as a different person each day since his appearance changes every day every time he falls asleep.

JTBC make a drama remake from the movie with the same title Beauty Inside. The drama starring Lee Min-ki and Seo Hyun-jin as lead roles in the drama. Different from the movie version, the drama version is about a female celebrity who is able to change her appearance every month in one week. The drama will have a lot of difference but with the same concept as the movie. On a drama teaser, Jun Hyun-moo makes an appearance as if he will become cameo in the drama. Let’s check out his funny appearance through the video below.


Speaking English

Jun Hyun-moo speaking english

Jun Hyun-moo is known for being a great pronunciation since he is a former anchor. He is not only good at speaking Korean nicely but also good at speaking English. On several moments, Jun Hyun-moo show-off his English language speaking skill. On an episode of SBS’s Strong Heart in the past. Jun Hyun-moo became one of the guests along with SNSD Tiffany and many more. When Jun Hyun-moo trying to brag about his future in the English language, he made SNSD Tiffany laugh by his answer.

When Jun Hyun-moo order food for I Live Alone cast member at LA Restaurant, he also really speak fluently replying foreigner question before ordering food.



Jun Hyun-moo instagram

Jun Hyun-moo’s Instagram is always active sharing his private and latest activities to the public. As an entertainer, a lot of things have been shared to the public from shows, behind-the-scenes, his CF promotions, and many more. Here are some of Jun Hyun-moo’s Instagram posts.

Jun Hyun-moo accepted the RED VELVET Power Up challenge as he followed RED VELVET Joy and Irene’s dance example before messing up the dance into a funny and silly version.

Jun Hyun-moo shared behind the stage photo with BTS on 2018 MBC Plus x Genie Music Award. Although Jun Hyun-moo made a little mistake by avoiding BTS Jimin eye contact before, their photo together made the scandal end right away.

Jun Hyun-moo attending 2018 MBC Entertainment Awards with a fellow cast member of MBC’s I Live Alone.


Latest News

Jun Hyun-moo latest news

Jun Hyun-moo will still have a very tight schedule with many other jobs coming up. One of the most anticipated upcoming projects is being a voice actor for the animated movie Duck Duck Goose which will be released in January 2019 in Korea. The movie has been released in 2018 worldwide. It is about a bachelor goose who must form a bond with two lost ducklings as they journey south.