Here Is Model Han Hye-jin’s Secret To Preparing Her Bikini Body For a Photoshoot

han hye jin

Let’s Get To Know The Supermodel Han Hye-jin

As we know, all Korea celebrities has very good looking faces and are super-duper slim and fit. All those things make us want to have a body like theirs. One of those celebrities is the supermodel Han Hye-jin’s. She is really such a body goal for us. If you wondering how to get a body like that, make her as your body goal, Channel-Korea will tell you everything about the things you should do and all her secrets which surely you can do in your home, as you daily routine, so here it is

Han Hye-jin’s Morning Routine

han hye jin

All Korean artists have their morning routine and so does Han Hye-jin. She always eats a banana in the morning. The model revealed that she eats normally during the off-season. At night she really prepares for sleeping deep, so that in the morning she will wake up refreshed and ready to do all the activities in a day. But before she eats the banana for breakfast she always tightens her stomach and also rides the bicycle for an hour after she has completely conquered her empty stomach.

Han Hye-jin’s Tips For The Gym

han hye jin

Not only is she always aware about her food, she also goes to the gym and works out. Her workouts really have big influence for her body. Actually, she gets crazy and extreme workouts. She always does a hard work out in a day, like doing squats, planks and doing ballet fitness, which uses ballet movements to stretch out her body. Sometimes if she has a long time, she will go for hike with her husband. It doesn’t seem too hard to follow her workout routine, right?

Han Hye-jin’s Meals Tips For Diet

han hye jin

She doesn’t just work out to keep that bikini body, she also diets and has dos and don’ts for her meals. You may be surprised to learn that she only eats 488 calories per day! She eats 1/3 cup of brown rice, 1 whole squid, 1 piece of boiled chinese yam and tomato. And not only that, she also eats salads and fruit salad. If she want to have a cheat day she only eats a half portion of ramen. She usually eats egg whites, broccoli, and lot vegetables. It is very easy to follow her diet, just as long we have a strong commitment.

The Supermodel Han Hye-jin’s Makeup Tips

Han hye-jin always has pretty, flawless skin. Not only because she has a healthy lifestyle but because she has perfect, flawless makeup. She has a skincare routine she always does. One of her favorites is Essence. Essence is a must because it can hydrate the skin and makes your skin look younger. Here it are some tips you can follow.

All The Fun Facts You Need To Know About Han Hye-jin

han hye jin

–  Her husband proposed to her on television. He appeared in ‘Healing Show’ and proposed her. It is so sweet..

– She play ‘King of Omok’.She said that she’s addicted to it.

– She is the fan of Screen Write.

– She’s also a fan of the director Choi hyeing-hun, who directed the SBS drama.

– She wants to play a mean character in a drama or tv show.

– She loves helping people, no matter how busy she is, she always has time for volunteering and doing social activities.

The Photoshoot Results of Han Hye-jin

Here it is the result you can see, to help you determine to begin your journey to the supermodel body.

han hye jin

after all the hard work and determination, she can be a supermodel and have the body.

What’s next for Han Hye-jin?

han hye jin

Han Hye Jin has been appointed as the MC at the ‘MGMA 2019’ music award event.
Representatives from the award ceremony ‘MGMA 2019’ on Monday (29/07) explained, “We chose her as the only female host because the way she became a global top model made us think that she was suitable for the position.” This will be Han Hye Jin’s first time to bring a large-scale event alone. During the event, Han Hye Jin will change clothes to change the theme of the event. Can’t wait to see that

That’s all the secrets for having a great bikini body like our favorite supermodel, hope it can inspire you all. Don’t forget to give your comments below, and stay tuned to the next news about your favorite celebrity…